Top 4 U.S. Cities to Live in a Tiny House

There is an ongoing tiny house movement in the USA, and the momentum it is growing at is plausible. The trend is expected, with reasons related to sustainability, portability, and economics driving the idea. However, there is more to living in a tiny home than the excitement and the low utility bills. You ought to… Read more »

How to Minimize Clutter – Step 2: Clothing

This is part 2 of 2 in the series How to Minimize Clutter

Clothing is the first category we will look at now that you’ve decided to get started! We have many more categories ahead of us so it’s important to stay motivated and positive while going through this process. I’m here to help you get through all the steps so don’t give up! “The words tidying and… Read more »

How to Minimize Clutter – Step 1: Get Started and Stay Motivated

This is part 1 of 2 in the series How to Minimize Clutter

Minimizing clutter is important in our everyday lives. It’s especially important if you live in a tiny house or plan to live in one someday. I’m going to take you through some steps that will help no matter what stage of life you may be in. These steps are based on the KonMari method. This… Read more »

I Wish I Knew…

When you started, did you know how to build a tiny house? Anyone who has “been there, done that” knows starting can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! From finding a plan, to building, to living, when you share your experiences and knowledge with the next tiny house enthusiast we all… Read more »