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12/27 Tiny houses in 2016: more tricked-out and eco-friendly

Another year in our housing-crunched yet sustainability-minded world means another year of folks exploring down-sized lifestyles in tiny homes. Used for everything from housing the homeless to short-term rentals to, yes, full-time residences, these under-400-square-foot dwellings still have momentum on their side. Sure, there are a slew of regulatory hurdles surrounding tiny house ownership, but… Read more »

12/22 Luxury tiny house on wheels with garage for two Harleys or a golf cart

Ever find yourself 15 minutes into an episode of Tiny House Hunters, thinking I could do that? Here’s your chance. Luxury homebuilder Joseph Santarelli, owner of Dallas-based JDS Innovative Home Concepts, is departing from the sprawling abodes he typically builds to bring tiny houses to Big D. “The craze got me,” says Santerelli, who first… Read more »

12/06 Retro-modern Scottish tiny house is all about simple comforts

In being partial to the modern aesthetic, one of TreeHugger’s main gripes about some tiny homes is that they can be a bit overly cutesy and derivative. Of course, we’ve nevertheless showcased a number of ‘cute’ tiny houses that are remarkably well done, and the NestHouse, built by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland, is… Read more »

12/05 Tiny house interior changes at the flick of a switch

The experimentation that typifies the tiny house movement often encourages people to commission a project that suits their exact needs. This was the case with the recently completed Vintage Glam Tiny House, by luxury tiny house specialist Tiny Heirloom, which features a neat motorized platform that reveals a bed, storage space, and more, at the… Read more »

12/01 Superior Concrete Tiny Houses Offers Tiny Homes in Multiple Designs to Fit the Consumers’ Living Needs

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses offers tiny homes in multiple designs to fit the consumer’s living needs and price point. All of their tiny homes are constructed and engineered from modular precast concrete employing cutting-edge technology to ensure they are highly durable and look good with little to no maintenance. Most of their tiny homes are… Read more »

11/29 Canadian Tiny House With a Cool Deck

The company Greenmoxie of Toronto, Canada recently unveiled a sustainable tiny home, which can withstand even the harsh conditions of a Canadian winter. The home is cozy on the inside, and looks like a quaint cabin from the outside. It also features a unique drawbridge deck, which extends the living area very nicely. The home… Read more »