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12/29 My Last Post

This will be my last post on Tiny House Community. Please read this article if you wish to know why. The author expresses what I’ve felt and observed the past few years. It’s a long article – if you don’t have time or interest in the details, here’s the micro version: “This is not just… Read more »

12/29 The Tiny-House Revolution Goes Huge

Nowhere is the quest for simplicity and freedom more pronounced than in the tiny-house movement, which has grown from hipster alternative to mainstream phenomenon faster than an Amish barn raising. Mark Sundeen joins the believers to ask: Has the dream gotten too big? Remember not too long ago, maybe 2012, the slew of blogs and… Read more »

12/29 Nine fabulous tiny homes, all built for under $20K

During the last few years, tiny houses have been catching on in a big way: there are now television shows devoted to them, scads of blogs about them, and even efforts afoot to get them written into the international residential code. But all that attention has also translated into an uptick of high-end tiny homes… Read more »

12/29 In Rapid City, Tiny houses are a step in right direction

Mayor Steve Allender is thinking big and out of the box these days as he begins to tackle Rapid City’s affordable housing shortage. Allender is looking at tiny houses as part of the solution in a community where jobs that pay even $14 an hour are difficult to find. But now, the mayor is going… Read more »

12/27 Tiny houses in 2016: more tricked-out and eco-friendly

Another year in our housing-crunched yet sustainability-minded world means another year of folks exploring down-sized lifestyles in tiny homes. Used for everything from housing the homeless to short-term rentals to, yes, full-time residences, these under-400-square-foot dwellings still have momentum on their side. Sure, there are a slew of regulatory hurdles surrounding tiny house ownership, but… Read more »

12/27 Transition to tiny house life poses big challenges for Nebraska family

For the six-member Mike family, living in their pair of tiny houses felt just right. But everything else that comes along with owning a tiny house — construction costs and the bureaucracy of finding land — wasn’t so cozy. Since the family sold its house this summer, moved into an RV and built its collective… Read more »

12/24 Tiny houses become homes before holiday

More than 2,000 vocational students across the state put their trade skills to work building tiny homes for survivors of the June 2016 flood. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin presented 15 families with keys to those new homes Tuesday in a ceremony at the 130th Airlift Wing of the West Virginia National Guard. Through the “Big… Read more »

12/23 A Wish for My Tiny House Friends

I wish for you, my tiny house friends, a Christmas that is as peaceful and comforting as the tiny house of your dreams. May you be blessed with joy that radiates from within, and a heart overflowing with compassion and forgiveness. May you grow into who you are truly meant to be: brave and strong… Read more »

12/22 Luxury tiny house on wheels with garage for two Harleys or a golf cart

Ever find yourself 15 minutes into an episode of Tiny House Hunters, thinking I could do that? Here’s your chance. Luxury homebuilder Joseph Santarelli, owner of Dallas-based JDS Innovative Home Concepts, is departing from the sprawling abodes he typically builds to bring tiny houses to Big D. “The craze got me,” says Santerelli, who first… Read more »