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12/29 My Last Post

This will be my last post on Tiny House Community. Please read this article if you wish to know why. The author expresses what I’ve felt and observed the past few years. It’s a long article – if you don’t have time or interest in the details, here’s the micro version: “This is not just… Read more »

12/29 The Tiny-House Revolution Goes Huge

Nowhere is the quest for simplicity and freedom more pronounced than in the tiny-house movement, which has grown from hipster alternative to mainstream phenomenon faster than an Amish barn raising. Mark Sundeen joins the believers to ask: Has the dream gotten too big? Remember not too long ago, maybe 2012, the slew of blogs and… Read more »

12/19 Tiny Villages May Be the Next Big Housing Trend

Over the past few years, tiny houses have become all the rage across the country. Now, experts say that tiny villages might be the next big thing. Tiny homes can often be better for the environment and easier on your pockets when it comes to monthly bills. They are also easier to keep clean, giving… Read more »

12/06 Tiny houses at a big crossroad

Energy efficiency is a top priority for the diminutive dwellings being built by Cass Community Social Services for cash-strapped college students, young adults who have aged out of the foster care system, senior citizens and homeless people. Nine inches of fiberglass insulation and vinyl windows by Genex Window and Door Co., which is based in… Read more »

11/13 Tiny house movement lands in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Standing in a landlocked lot on Saratoga Street, Franallen Acosta gestured at a landscape of overgrown brush, trees, and patchy grass and imagined the possibilities. “This could fit five, six houses,” Acosta said with outstretched arms. That is, five or six really small houses. Like, tiny houses. Acosta is trying to bring the tiny-house movement,… Read more »

10/31 Building for the future with new ‘micro-homes’ for young professionals in Ireland

Frustration can take people down many different routes into business, and for one enterprising Derry woman it has led to foundations being laid for 25 new ‘micro-homes’ in Belfast. Dearbhaile Heaney (30) was so fed up trying to secure a foothold on the property ladder herself that she decided to set up ‘The Holding Project‘… Read more »

10/28 Tiny House Villages Are the Next Big Thing

Tiny house villages could soon be big — really big. According to researchers at Kansas State University, tiny house villages are environmentally friendly, they promote a sense of community, they encourage healthy lifestyles and habits, and they’re a safe and affordable housing option for the masses. For all of these reasons, the experts are hoping… Read more »

10/15 Tiny homes are all the rage, but here’s why the market is more bust than boom

After hearing all the hype about tiny homes — the TV shows, lifestyle websites and magazine photo spreads — Lee Saenz decided that building the dinky dwellings would make a great part of his second career. He formed a company called Adventure Cabins and began building little houses with rustic pine exteriors and state-of-the-art interiors…. Read more »

10/05 Is the Tiny House Movement Good for America?

[Note: the views expressed in this article are not my own. While the author makes some valid points, his central premise, that most tiny housers are not interested in homesteading, is false.] I have recently been hearing a great deal about “the tiny house movement.” Trailers for yuppies did not seem like such a big… Read more »