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Donate to Hurricane Relief

Many users have requested we open up a donation fund for hurricane relief. After much consideration, we have decided to have a donation fund for both of the recent hurricanes that have hit the country, Harvey and Irma. If you are interested in donating to either of these causes, please head over to our new… Read more »

Walker County to Make Tiny House Community for Homeless Veterans – Alabama

ABC 33/40 covered a story that touches our hearts and helps our veterans. The nonprofit group Forever and Always Patriots recently purchased its first tiny house. Their goal is to create a neighborhood with 20 tiny houses, creating a community where homeless veterans can live at a minimal cost. Amanda Phillips is donating her talent… Read more »

Pause – For A Dramatic Entrance

tiny house and trees in the palm of a hand

Tiny House Community is getting a makeover! Expect changes over the next few weeks and great additions to help you get what you need for your tiny house! Last December, Elaine announced she was moving on from the site. She found Cy to take over where she left off. (See post below) Cy is the… Read more »

12/29 In Rapid City, Tiny houses are a step in right direction

Mayor Steve Allender is thinking big and out of the box these days as he begins to tackle Rapid City’s affordable housing shortage. Allender is looking at tiny houses as part of the solution in a community where jobs that pay even $14 an hour are difficult to find. But now, the mayor is going… Read more »

12/02 Tiny House Nation Builder Sues Couple for Negative Review

A contractor for “Tiny House Nation” has a big problem — the couple who hired him is talking so much smack, they’re crushing his bottom line … according to the lawsuit he just filed. Charles Brzezinski built a compact pad for Jared Logan and Vanessa Wesley on season 3 of the FYI reality show, but… Read more »

10/31 Building for the future with new ‘micro-homes’ for young professionals in Ireland

Frustration can take people down many different routes into business, and for one enterprising Derry woman it has led to foundations being laid for 25 new ‘micro-homes’ in Belfast. Dearbhaile Heaney (30) was so fed up trying to secure a foothold on the property ladder herself that she decided to set up ‘The Holding Project‘… Read more »

10/20 Planning Committee Report on Maui Housing Inventory includes Tiny Home Options

A temporary investigative group filed a report with the Planning Committee focused on increasing the County’s housing inventory. The group was chaired by Councilmember Elle Cochran, with Councilmembers Gladys Baisa and Don Couch serving as members. The group convened on five meeting dates between Aug.1 and Sept. 22, 2016, and identified five items that if… Read more »

10/11 Woman Reunited with her Tiny Home after Thieves Drove Away with it

Malinda Crighton was just finishing up building her dream, a tiny home parked in her West Sacramento driveway. But Monday morning she was facing a big problem. “I came out this morning a little before 7 a.m. and it was gone,” Crighton said. The tiny house on wheels she’d been building for the last three… Read more »

10/03 Can tiny houses help solve Ventura County’s woes?

As Ventura County, California struggles with high home prices, expensive rentals and little room to build, some advocates are proposing a solution: tiny homes that fit living essentials into less than 400 square feet of space. Last week, about 50 people gathered at the Ventura County Government Center for a workshop about the benefits of… Read more »