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12/29 In Rapid City, Tiny houses are a step in right direction

Mayor Steve Allender is thinking big and out of the box these days as he begins to tackle Rapid City’s affordable housing shortage. Allender is looking at tiny houses as part of the solution in a community where jobs that pay even $14 an hour are difficult to find. But now, the mayor is going… Read more »

12/19 Tiny Villages May Be the Next Big Housing Trend

Over the past few years, tiny houses have become all the rage across the country. Now, experts say that tiny villages might be the next big thing. Tiny homes can often be better for the environment and easier on your pockets when it comes to monthly bills. They are also easier to keep clean, giving… Read more »

12/17 Ma Casita seeks to provide tiny houses as affordable housing in Lawrence, MA

In a city where a big chunk of the population, half, spends a big chunk of its income, half, on housing, the chance to own a tiny house with a tiny mortgage generates big interest. It excites Franallen Acosta, 23, a 6-foot 6-inch Lawrence man who ducks when entering many homes but is keen to… Read more »

12/14 Meet the Mobile, Off-Grid Tiny Solar House Traveling Across America

What happens when a passion for solar energy gets combined with enthusiasm for traveling, facilitated by the small-house movement? Enter the Tiny Solar House, a mobile marketing campaign that gives people a first-hand example of the practicability of living in a home powered by solar. The Tiny Solar House has been on a surprisingly big… Read more »

12/13 Salida, Colorado, will be the home of the largest tiny home community in the US

200 tiny homes, a community building, an exercise facility, a restaurant, and other amenities will be built along the Arkansas River in Salida. One of the country’s leading tiny house developers, Sprout Tiny Homes, got approval last month from the Salida, Colorado, city council to build 200 tiny house rental units, along with a number… Read more »

12/11 Tiny house community coming to South Bend?

A group hopes South Bend will become a pioneer in America’s tiny house movement with a tiny subdivision on the city’s near northwest side. The plans, still in the concept stage, would involve six to eight tiny houses, defined as measuring 250 to 400 square feet, built on permanent foundations across two vacant lots at… Read more »

12/09 Tiny house community proposed to Athens-Clarke planning commission

A development proposal that would return part of an intown residential neighborhood to what it was a century ago has captured the imagination of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia planning commissioners, but neighborhood residents are worried it could bring additional traffic and might force their property taxes upward. Laurie deVegter, an Atlanta-based real estate agent and developer… Read more »

11/16 Salida OK’s community of 200 tiny rental homes

The Salida City Council on Tuesday approved a plan to build 200 tiny homes on a riverside parcel, marking what could become the nation’s largest tiny-home community and a showcase for a potential solution to Colorado’s housing crisis. “I think most people are standing back to see if this thing will be successful,” Salida’s interim… Read more »

11/13 Tiny house movement lands in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Standing in a landlocked lot on Saratoga Street, Franallen Acosta gestured at a landscape of overgrown brush, trees, and patchy grass and imagined the possibilities. “This could fit five, six houses,” Acosta said with outstretched arms. That is, five or six really small houses. Like, tiny houses. Acosta is trying to bring the tiny-house movement,… Read more »