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Tiny Housers Seeking Places

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Gregory Johnson: 41.661128, -91.530168
Deb Bailey: 41.699096, -70.320911
Robyn Graves: 36.778261, -119.417932
John Kapple: 30.332184, -81.655651
Smart Communities Ontario: 44.231172, -76.485954
Jen Langfeld: 29.951066, -90.071532
Jessie Davis: 33.493639, -117.148365
Larraine Brown: 45.253783, -69.445469
Jennifer Moore: 45.523452, -122.676207
Sarah Platt and Darren: 43.479929, -110.762428
Rick Clements: 45.980465, -81.927793
Frank Howard: 28.151124, -82.461483
Mark Tracey: 45.523452, -122.676207
Rita Schaaf: 30.332184, -81.655651
Sandy McMillan: 26.640628, -81.872308
Cy Englert: 28.233620, -82.181195
Marin Aurand: 45.523452, -122.676207
Paul Shultz: 41.878114, -87.629798
Donna Busby (1): 33.473498, -82.010515
Donna Busby (2): 33.836081, -81.163725
Christopher Miller: 42.358431, -71.059773
Ab Lewis: 35.595058, -82.551487
Emilia Whitaker: 28.538335, -81.379236
Adriana Castillo: 33.195870, -117.379483
Emily Lindahl: 28.538335, -81.379236
Josh Flori: 38.627003, -90.199404
Kathryne Otto: 47.037874, -122.900695
Becki Mays: 34.730369, -86.586104
Nancy Gordon: 35.759573, -79.019300
Kelly Renee: 32.221743, -110.926479
Helene Smith: 41.878114, -87.629798
Desiree Blackmon: 39.550051, -105.782067
Mindy Weidner: 42.331427, -83.045754
Mike Manthey: 33.748995, -84.387982
Liz Wallace: 39.114053, -94.627464
Deborah Williams: 36.778261, -119.417932
Mary Anderson: 36.114646, -115.172816
Pat Kendall: 45.523452, -122.676207
Michael Magura: 45.523452, -122.676207
Cheryl Poirier: 26.339806, -81.778697
Laura Bloom: 42.407211, -71.382437
Kathy DeGrenier: 27.336435, -82.530653
Julie Mesdag: 38.534719, -105.998902
Christy Rodgers: 42.194576, -122.709477
Larin McPeak: 41.553221, -70.608589
Paul Gomez: 27.950575, -82.457178
Deanna Lewis: 38.774557, -75.139350
Juan Galeano: 30.421309, -87.216915
Luise Gleason: 41.414112, -73.303566
Clarke Smith: 40.743991, -74.032363
Torri Lansell: 46.729553, -94.685900
Michael Cho: 28.538335, -81.379236
Luc Pichette: 46.490000, -81.010000
Lillian Calcaterra: 42.407211, -71.382437
Janie Bigham: 36.746842, -119.772587
Eric Forster: 41.203322, -77.194525
Paul Gomez: 31.976629, -99.900742
Von Harral: 33.415184, -111.831472
Amanda Gibson: 33.158093, -117.350594
Audry Wild: 34.257038, -85.164673
Doug Currie: 43.653226, -79.383184
Justin Davis: 40.014986, -105.270546
Virginia Barnhart: 36.778261, -119.417932
Tim Francis: 33.218370, -117.034197
Raymond (Howell) Chamberlain, Jr.: 33.470693, -82.504573
Laura Ruffner: 45.523452, -122.676207
Em Jacobs: 41.921952, -91.416837
Rachel Roberts: 38.977888, -77.007476
Paul Wishengrad: 39.739072, -75.539788
Rick M: 34.730369, -86.586104
Cory Hall: 42.362595, -71.361448
Susan Humphries: 36.778261, -119.417932
Susan Humphries: 43.804133, -120.554201
Kathy Spence: 34.878148, -83.400993
William Sieber: 39.202287, -83.611587
Paul and Makenzie Pellissier: 41.311367, -105.591101
Rose Pinter: 39.934002, -74.890999
Maighen MacGabhann: 40.014986, -105.270546
Lacey Hughey: 34.420831, -119.698190
Occupy Journey: 29.651634, -82.324826
Lauren: 39.045755, -76.641271
Allyson Hutchinson: 40.625932, -75.370458
Francesca O\'Connor: 30.421309, -87.216915
Kenley Eaglestone: 35.994033, -78.898619
Tom Hall: 42.262593, -71.802293
Alicia Wolf: 45.523452, -122.676207
Connie Cerny: 32.780140, -96.800451
Yolanda Valencia: 36.778261, -119.417932
Yolanda Valencia: 39.550051, -105.782067
Yolanda Valencia: 47.751074, -120.740139
Zoe Fitzgerald: 43.653226, -79.383184
Charlie Magnan: 33.553914, -117.213923
Linda Evans: 36.974117, -122.030796
David Burdick: 30.267153, -97.743061
Keri Gailloux: 37.774929, -122.419416
William Jones: 32.165622, -82.900075
William Jones: 35.759573, -79.019300
William Jones: 35.517491, -86.580447
Mikaela Fleisher: 39.203714, -76.861046
Serena Lynch: 45.523452, -122.676207
Dawn Reid: 36.778261, -119.417932
Deborah Matteson: 29.703002, -98.124453
Breanne Penrod: 37.906037, -122.544976
Amy R : 38.232417, -122.636652
Jay Lopez: 33.195870, -117.379483
Cyd Colbert: 48.079537, -123.101844
Marlene Clanton: 35.282752, -120.659616
Sabra Reich: 29.951066, -90.071532
Jean Fowler: 33.844186, -81.163559
Jen Shaleen: 41.223000, -111.973830
Joel Crawford: 43.073052, -89.401230
Clark Quick: 32.715738, -117.161084
Samantha Martin: 27.664827, -81.515754
Lauren Williams: 41.686111, -70.076389
Ulises Tavares: 33.891535, -84.504815
Christopher Page: 42.373616, -71.109734
Jeff LaBonte: 41.603221, -73.087749
Meg Speez: 42.931733, -76.566053
Makena Roeswood: 39.737567, -104.984718
Chelsea Smith: 42.963360, -85.668086
BA Norrgard: 32.780140, -96.800451
Dara Ford: 34.959208, -116.419389
Colton Weir: 29.424122, -98.493628
Erica Woo: 47.606209, -122.332071
Lynne Jimenez: 32.165622, -82.900075
Teri Royal: 36.778261, -119.417932
Nicole Hurley: 45.523452, -122.676207
Jesse Espinosa: 45.638728, -122.661486
Jon Richardson: 40.712784, -74.005941
Jon Richardson: 40.743991, -74.032363
Purple McGee: 43.804133, -120.554201
Angela Croce: 40.058324, -74.405661
Amy Ewing: 35.262082, -81.187300
Deborah Ercole: 38.581572, -121.494400
Medina Cordona: 45.523452, -122.676207
Sandy Buerkle: 33.966142, -112.719727
Ric Mera: 27.950575, -82.457178
Johnathan Walker: 43.038902, -87.906474
Lucas Krigin: 28.538335, -81.379236
Alix Womack: 45.523452, -122.676207
Jody Mead: 40.760779, -111.891047
Kayla Ebert: 35.227087, -80.843127
Susan Danforth: 27.310252, -82.575089
Ellen : 26.651450, -80.276733
Sonya Tafejian: 38.237281, -122.636032
Jon Michael Arens: 37.973535, -122.531087
Moose Henderson: 47.121133, -88.569418
Ezra Mintaka: 39.613321, -105.016650
Mechel Wall: 36.453963, -94.115204
Kathleen Purcell: 47.754265, -122.163458
Justin Bear: 28.538335, -81.379236
Nicky Duenkel: 46.308855, -60.280610
Melissa Diaz: 32.991155, -117.271148
Mary Hearn: 37.871593, -122.272747
Lauren Haley: 41.578443, -70.558640
Maya Garcia: 32.640054, -117.084196
Jack Voth: 27.950575, -82.457178
Jack and Colleen Both: 27.950575, -82.457178
Jesse Koch: 53.541208, -113.295736
Cathy Rempis: 36.388381, -86.446660
Jeff Wilson: 36.169941, -115.139830
Lux Paraclete: 30.267153, -97.743061
Glen Quaranta: 33.195870, -117.379483
Dave Riensche: 37.977978, -122.031073
Rachel McDowell: 42.909748, -85.763088
James Garrett : 33.953349, -117.396156
Stacey Wheeler: 29.424122, -98.493628
Ewa Rajtar: 40.014986, -105.270546
Tawny Asher: 43.621165, -116.215897
Sarah Cleveland: 43.191937, -89.455675
Mandi Bryson: 45.523452, -122.676207
Addison Steel: 35.925064, -86.868890
Doreen Brown: 32.715738, -117.161084
Seth Mansur: 42.207039, -71.685624
Rosemarie Waggins: 28.039465, -81.949804
Todd Decato: 38.977888, -77.007476
Skyler Harvey: 33.981537, -81.236211
Leah Bradley: 40.760779, -111.891047
Ryan Harris: 43.618710, -116.214607
Jenine Steinberg: 37.386052, -122.083851
Teri Royal: 33.773905, -117.941448
Boris & Shimyrre Is: 33.448377, -112.074037
Laurel Yoder: 38.255436, -85.760101
Krysten Wilson: 42.098056, -86.484167
Vincent Russell: 32.941236, -97.134178
Culle Marie Haynes: 33.520661, -86.802490
Russell & Jayme Elsevier: 44.046236, -123.022029
Rori Firebaugn: 33.553914, -117.213923
Sandra Denise Fernandez: 25.686614, -100.316113
Mary Rees: 42.391736, -71.566139
Kadee Hirrlinger: 30.438256, -84.280733
Marcus Larson: 41.878114, -87.629798
Revathi Kollegala: 42.283333, -71.350000
Jordan Pepe: 40.014986, -105.270546
Travis King: 33.448377, -112.074037
Carmen Rodriguez: 27.950575, -82.457178
Christine Hoffman: 37.302163, -120.482968
Rachel : 26.531787, -80.090547
Ava Albright: 42.336982, -83.273263
Heather Smith: 38.907192, -77.036871
Nikki Collins: 32.975642, -96.889964
Nicole Whitman: 41.053430, -73.538734
Lee Ann Silva: 33.493639, -117.148365
Brittany G: 54.464317, -110.173147
Nate Cleveland: 33.415184, -111.831472
Michele Costa: 26.368306, -80.128932
Kadee Hirrlinger: 30.447490, -84.284363
Sivahn Barsade: 42.351440, -71.054764
Barbara Kvistad: 34.420831, -119.698190
Shireen Jones: 36.169941, -115.139830
Jennifer Duncan: 39.041778, -76.066333
Lydia Ojuka: 40.304665, -111.693649
Robin Himmele: 26.823395, -80.138655
Swayze Holland: 29.951066, -90.071532
Katherine Elsken: 46.873765, -96.767804
Rachel Ertl: 34.730369, -86.586104
Todd Jeffries: 32.366805, -86.299969
Burgundy Johnson: 36.728205, -76.583562
Sara Scott: 38.879970, -77.106770
Debbie Wood: 29.424122, -98.493628
Alan Humphrey: 30.332184, -81.655651
Jeremy Scott: 35.779590, -78.638179
Laura Boogaard: 42.972186, -85.954022
Kelsey Johne: 47.482878, -122.217066
Lisa Bivens: 47.606209, -122.332071
Alycia Drube: 32.832811, -117.271272
Jennifer Baxter: 35.227087, -80.843127
Mark Hooker: 34.052234, -118.243685
Mara Kincaid: 34.021122, -118.396466
Jonathan Polakowski: 40.441774, -74.129864
Jenn Porter: 41.848987, -72.571755
Ginger Breo - Los Angeles, CA: 34.052234, -118.243685
Andrea Santinelli: 33.770050, -118.193739
Jessica Dowling: 45.523062, -122.676482
Alaina Pearce: 38.907192, -77.036871
Louis Hargrave: 49.282729, -123.120738
Danielle Dewitt: 37.774929, -122.419416
Danielle Dewitt: 32.715738, -117.161084
Ron Crowe: 44.052069, -123.086754
Thomas Rabe: 39.103118, -84.512020
Julie Johnson: 39.753715, -76.591357
Burgundy Johnson: 36.728205, -76.583562
Elaine Houle: 30.267153, -97.743061
Emily Rossi: 38.501857, -122.996110
Cathy Kioi: 21.306944, -157.858333
Elizabeth Leon: 33.787794, -117.853112
Jenny Lord: 38.907192, -77.036871
Jose Crespo: 40.713990, -73.559016
Jacob Magdziarz: 39.836653, -105.037205
Thea Mundell: 43.131497, -80.747165
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Eileen Henniger
Eileen Henniger - Fort Collins, CO
Seeking: a place to park a 20-24 foot tiny house that would only need electricity and potable water. A backyard or farm, open to what is available. It will just be me and my two indoor cats. If you are not a land owner but know of a possible lead, I would appreciate you passing it on to me.
Date needed: June 2016
Contact: ehenniger2002@yahoo.com
Fort Collins, CO, United States
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Annette Benefiel
Annette Benefiel - Annapolis, MD
Seeking: a small piece of land with electricity and water where I can build and park a tiny home. Prefer the Annapolis, Laurel area in Anne Arundel County MD. Crownsville, Davidsonville and surrounding areas would also be fine.
Date needed: January 2016
Contact: annieoh993@gmail.com
Annapolis, MD, United States
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Joe Carey
Joe Carey - Bayville, NJ
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house with water, sewer and power. Would also like a small plot for a garden. Single dad with 2 kids, one of which has autism.
Date needed: 02/01/2016
Contact: joecarey01@aol.com
Bayville, Berkeley Township, NJ, United States
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Brian Crider
Brian Crider - Boulder or Denver, CO
Seeking: a place to put or tiny home in Colorado near Boulder or Denver with a nice view and a hook up to water if possible but not a must. We have no pets and are low impact on the environment. Please help.
Date needed: 06/15/2016
Contact: brianecrider@gmail.com
Boulder, CO, United States
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Patty Silva
Patty Silva - Sonoma county, CA
Seeking: land to rent near Sonoma county California. That's where my family lives and my daughter and I would like to be able to be near them. Also looking in Texas since this is where we are currently living.
Date needed: flexible
Contact: patricialmns@gmail.com
Sonoma, CA, United States
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Justin Sellers
Justin Sellers - Greenville, SC
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house for less than $300/month
Date needed: March 2016
Contact: justinksellers@gmail.com
Greenville, SC, United States
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Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott - Greeley, CO
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house with an area to take my dogs for walks. I am in the process of owning a tiny home, would like to know that there is land available to park before I fully invest.
Date needed: flexible
Contact: True2Tiff@hotmail.com
Greeley, CO, United States
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Jason Moore
Jason Moore - Denver, CO
Seeking: Just looking for a place to park and meet with others! Very laid back, just me and my dog, Arktos :-)
Date needed: 04/01/2016
Contact: jason.k.moore88@gmail.com
Denver, CO, United States
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Cheryl Chancellor
Cheryl Chancellor - Tampa, FL
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house
Date needed: 11/18/2015
Contact: cherylchancellor@rocketmail.com
Tampa, FL, United States
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DeAnne Huizenga
DeAnne Huizenga - Snohomish County, WA
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house with pastoral view, water and electric hook up. Close to food co-op, organic farmers markets. Spring water/creek/river. Would be willing to help on organic farm, apple orchard, vegetable garden in exchange for reduced rent. My tiny home will be a get-away home several days of the month. Not a permanent 24/7.
Date needed: flexible
Contact: deanneknaan@hotmail.com
Snohomish, WA, United States
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Marleny Franco
Marleny Franco - Hunterdon County, NJ
Seeking: a place to build tiny house. Have 31' trailer.
Date needed: 11/18/2015
Contact: marlenyf1@yahoo.com
Hunterdon County, NJ, United States
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Kary Kilmer
Kary Kilmer - Fort Collins, CO
Seeking: a place to park an Airstream or shipping container, close to Golden Boulder or Fort Collins. I might also consider anyplace near Colorado Springs or within an hours drive to a small city or metropolitan area. I am planing to renovate a 31 ft Airstream Trailer with solar panels, wind generator and a compost toilet. However I am not apposed to paying for septic services and power. I am also looking into the possibility of modifying a Shipping container for a unique modern but cozy style.
Date needed: March 2016
Contact: karyk4u@gmail.com
Fort Collins, CO, United States
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Mary Beth Andersen
Mary Beth Andersen - Baltimore, MD
Seeking: a spot to park our 20ft THOW north of Baltimore City and south of the Maryland Line. We don't need a lot of space, just enough to park our home. Willing to help with yard maintenance in the summer and winter months.
Date needed: May 2016
Contact: marybeth.andersen@outlook.com
Baltimore, MD, United States
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Paula Loniak
Paula Loniak - Athens, GA
Seeking: land for rent for myself and small pets in my Tiny House.
Date needed: May 2016
Contact: vettopet@yahoo.com
Athens, GA, United States
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Thaddeus Skinner
Thaddeus Skinner - St. Paul, MN
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house
Date needed: 11/17/2015
Contact: thaddeus2364@msn.com
St Paul, MN, United States
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Baun Jordan
Baun Jordan - north bay San Francisco, CA
Seeking: a place to park and live in my tiny house. I am looking at the North Bay Area because that is where I work and would still like to be close to family and friends. At the same time I am looking for a place where I can have some land to spread my wings sort of say. I am an animal lover and also learning to be more self-sufficient.
Date needed: flexible
Contact: baunjordan@gmail.com
San Francisco Bay, North Beach, San Francisco, CA, United States
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Ashley Weaver
Ashley Weaver - Edwards, CO
Seeking: land to park 26 ft tiny house. Access to utilities not necessary but welcomed. Willing to provide care-taking services in winter months in exchange for rent, or rent payments, whichever is desirable. Anticipated occupancy only during winter months.
Date needed: fall 2016
Contact: theashleyweaver@gmail.com
Edwards, CO, United States
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Marla Fritts
Marla Fritts - Stockton, CA
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house
Date needed: 11/16/2015
Contact: inmystereo@yahoo.com
Stockton, CA, United States
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Emily Higley
Emily Higley - Smithfield, UT
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house
Date needed: 11/15/2015
Contact: emilyhigley1@gmail.com
Smithfield, UT, United States
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Bernadette Gero
Bernadette Gero - Redmond, WA
Seeking: a spot to park my tiny house within a reasonable commute of Redmond, WA. I work full-time and am very quiet when I'm home. Ideally I would like access to water and electricity but neither are a deal breaker. Looking to lease for at least a year.
Date needed: April 2016
Contact: aries_gypsy@yahoo.com
Redmond, WA, United States
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One thought on “Tiny Housers Seeking Places

  1. inaudwetrust

    Hello everyone! I have a 1979 Airstream Excella, that I share with my two awesome, loving dogs, Pete and Ginger and my tiny kitty, Chi. I was parked on the east side at a local business, acting as an on site security guy for my boss and unfortunately the city of Austin had issues with it. Zoning, permits, blah blah. I’m sure you know the drill. Any who, I am needing a place to park long term.

    My trailer drives on a chevy frame and engine. From what I hear, only a handful of them exist, and not very many of them are running. Mine runs! It is 28ft from nose to tail and 8ft wide. All glass intact, with a few bumps and scratches on the exterior. I do plan to polish this baby up at some point, but as is, it’s not an eyesore or corroding away. It needs a little love, but I’m working on it as we speak. Not having a place to park it long enough has put a damper on fixing her up.

    I’ve exhausted most of the usual resources, craigslist, Facebook, friends, friends of friends, the small amount of RV Parks in Austin, and all of them have lead to dead ends. Some places seemed promising, but at the mention of my handsome and charming pit Pete, they recoiled with fear. Poor dude couldn’t hurt a fly.

    At 31, I am a very calm person. Never been into partying and I’m not much of a socialite. I’m kind of a homebody, don’t really like venturing out unless it’s for work, walking the pups or riding my bike around. I tend to use my skate board as a sleigh, so the dogs can get a good amount of exercise. Living a small space requires lots of outdoor activities for my two babes. But I promise we are a a quiet family and mostly keep to ourselves. With that being said, my dogs play well with others, as long as they aren’t aggressive. They’re cool kids, too. I only ask that parents make sure their little ones are respectful and understand dog boundaries :)

    I’ve done most of the renovations on my airstream myself. The electrical stuff my boss helped me out with, but for the most part I’m fairly handy. So with that in mind I would be more than willing to help around your property as well as provide a cash payment for letting me be there, along with utilities and what have you. I hope that my personality is something you’d like having around. I wouldn’t mind being your new cool neighbor. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my post and I hope to hear from you soon :)

    If interested, please feel free to respond, I’ll holler back at you with my digits. Thanks again!

    Mike M. Pete, Ginger & Chi

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