12/29 My Last Post

text about starting a new chapter with a sunset as the backgroundThis will be my last post on Tiny House Community. Please read this article if you wish to know why. The author expresses what I’ve felt and observed the past few years. It’s a long article – if you don’t have time or interest in the details, here’s the micro version:

โ€œThis is not just a movement; itโ€™s becoming an industry.โ€
“The people had spoken. They preferred the comb-over.”

I still live in my tiny house and support the original values of the movement. I know many people have found my website useful, so I would prefer not to shut it down, but rather to turn it over to someone who wants to continue sharing tiny house news. I’ve offered it to a friend but if he doesn’t decide to do it, it will be available for someone else. Please email me if you’re interested: elaine@tinyhousecommunity.com. Please include a little about yourself and what you’d like to offer to tiny house enthusiasts.ย 

Thanks for being part of the tiny house community! I wish you all the very best in the coming New Year!

4 thoughts on “12/29 My Last Post

  1. amylturnbull

    And by last post I thought you meant, “latest!” Elaine, I’m so moved to hear you are withdrawing from the tiny house movement. In fact, I wanted to hit you up to be a regular poster on the American Tiny House Association’s “News” page. We miss you there! And now we will miss you here! You are a founder, a legacy in the tiny house movement–the original hippie! I understand what I think might be disillusion with the path the movement is taking–the industry path. But the DIY crowd adores you and we are still out there! Your contributions are extensive and necessary. However, I respect your decision and wish you all the best in your little nook there in Florida. Thank you for everything you have done to promote the tiny house movement over the last several years!

    1. elainelw Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Amy! I’m grateful that you and Cy and other creative, dedicated folks will be carrying the tiny house movement forward ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Joe3

    Thanks for all you have done to further the Tiny House Movement Elaine.
    I know we differed on regulation, but that doesn’t change my appreciation for your efforts to make the TH Community a better one.
    I hope someone steps up and takes over, there is a lot of valuable information here, and sharing it is a big part of the movement.
    And wherever your next endeavor takes you, I hope it’s a successful and enjoyable trip …..

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