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12/27 Tiny houses in 2016: more tricked-out and eco-friendly

Another year in our housing-crunched yet sustainability-minded world means another year of folks exploring down-sized lifestyles in tiny homes. Used for everything from housing the homeless to short-term rentals to, yes, full-time residences, these under-400-square-foot dwellings still have momentum on their side.

Sure, there are a slew of regulatory hurdles surrounding tiny house ownership, but even that no longer seems impenetrable. In fact, earlier this month, a tiny house appendix was approved for inclusion in the newest edition of the national building code, giving tiny homes a crucial bit of legitimacy and a path forward.

But before any further deluge of new tiny homes, let’s first take a look back at all the incredible projects we saw this year. From a shipping container tiny house to several solar-powered stunners, these designs show how sophisticated micro home design has become and challenge our imaginations of what tiny houses can be.

1. Escape Vista, the tiny glass house

exterior of tiny house in the snow

Escape Vista

Introduced in early 2016, the modern-style Escape Vista has quickly become a top-seller for Wisconsin-based Escape Homes. In addition to the original model, an 160-square-foot dwelling going for $46,600, the line now includes the 136-square-foot “Go” ($38,600) and 110-square-foot “Sport” ($29,800) options. All three have the signature large wrap-around windows, of course.

2. Zyl Vardos’s fantastical ‘Moon Dragon’

exterior of a tiny house

The Moon Dragon

The first thing to love about Washington builder Zyl Vardos’s “Moon Dragon” tiny house is its whimsical exterior, marked by curves, arches, and all sorts of unorthodox windows. The second, more practical thing to appreciate is that the house offers an unusually high five-and-a-half-foot sleeping loft, complete with double closets.

3. A minimalist ‘Walden Studio’ from the Netherlands

interior of a tiny house

inside the Walden Studio

This airy 182-square-foot design hailing from the Netherlands demonstrates the magic of skylights and nooks. We wouldn’t mind hunkering down with a pile of good books in the Walden Studio.

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12/22 Luxury tiny house on wheels with garage for two Harleys or a golf cart

455 sq ft tiny house with garage

455 sq ft tiny house with garage from JDS Innovative Home Concepts

Ever find yourself 15 minutes into an episode of Tiny House Hunters, thinking I could do that? Here’s your chance. Luxury homebuilder Joseph Santarelli, owner of Dallas-based JDS Innovative Home Concepts, is departing from the sprawling abodes he typically builds to bring tiny houses to Big D.

“The craze got me,” says Santerelli, who first discovered the movement while shopping for an RV. After comparing tiny houses to RVs, he concluded “there is no comparison.”

Although most RVs aren’t up to his luxury standards, tiny houses can be tailor-made to fit any aesthetic — and, perhaps more important, budget. They’re also mobile, and when done right, built to last.

“You may go through a couple of remodels, but with a tiny house, you have something that’s going to last 60-80 years,” Santarelli says. “Dollar for dollar, I believe the value is just superior to a recreational vehicle.”

Convinced the tiny trend is one with staying power, Santarelli set out to put his own high-end spin on the small spaces, starting with a version for himself. When it’s completed — and it’s close — he plans to tour the country with his wife, hopefully creating interest along the way. He shouldn’t have any trouble; drawing on more than three decades as a builder, he pulled out all the stops.

At around 455 square feet (on the larger side for a tiny house, which can start at 100 square feet), Santarelli’s custom creation has cedar siding, an all-metal roof, vaulted ceilings, and insulated windows. It also boasts a garage big enough to fit a pair of Harley-Davidsons or a golf cart — a first, according to Santarelli. “It’s going to be fully equipped,” he says, “all the bells and whistles.”

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12/20 A miniature mansion: Wooly Wagons were a forerunner in the tiny house craze

inside a Wooly Wagon

inside a Wooly Wagon

Steve Auth was building tiny houses before most people even knew what tiny houses were.

Today, tiny houses have become a counter-culture social movement for people who want to live simply without the frills and space of a large home. There are even TV shows dedicated to the movement.

But when Auth started building his small, immaculately constructed living quarters more than 10 years ago, he never thought of them as tiny houses.

His creations were called something completely different: Wooly Wagons.

“I never really called them tiny houses, but that’s essentially what they were,” he said.

Fast forward to today, and the 64-year-old has become a master at building small, picturesque campers based on traditional gypsy and sheep wagons.

All the wagons are constructed with an aluminum frame and sturdy, weather-resistant wood such as fir, Cyprus and cedar. And just like campers, they all come with modern conveniences like running water, batteries and power convertors.

Auth said he’s built about 20 of the wagons over the last 10 years at his ranch-style property in rural Howard County located approximately six miles northwest of Russiaville.

About half of those have been bought by people who are now living in them as their home. The other half uses them as campers, an extra bedroom or just a place to get out of the house.

Orders for the wagons have come from as far away as Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Illinois, Missouri and Texas.

Auth’s wagons have now found a niche in the tiny-house movement, but he wasn’t inspired to start building them from any kind of no-frills philosophy.

Instead, he said, his inspiration came unexpectedly from a movie called “Wooly Boys.” The film, released in 2001, told the story of a sheep rancher who visits the big city. One of the characters lived in a traditional sheep wagon.

Auth said he was instantly taken with the structure.

“I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to make one of those,’” he said. “They’re pretty neat.’”

And so he did.

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12/16 Terraform One is a loft-less tiny house for bike & beer lovers

Terraform Tiny House

Terraform Tiny House

For some, the idea of living in a tiny house can be a nightmare: where would you put the kids? What about your clothes, shoes, stuff? For others, the idea of shedding all that stuff and moving into a tiny house is liberating — emotionally and financially. And for some of these intrepid tiny housers, even a teeny tiny house is too big.

At least, that’s what Richard Ward of Dallas, Texas discovered during the last few months living in a modified 2010 Honda Element, travelling around the country for the last four months. Previously, he was living in Terraform One, a beautiful, 250-square-foot tiny dwelling that he designed and built with the help of Artisan Tiny House. Ward began his road trip ostensibly to find another place to park Terraform One, but he’s now decided to sell it…

Terraform One is a lovely gem of a house. It’s built out of structural insulated panels (SIPs), which offer more structural strength and insulation than a regular stick-framed structure, and it sits on top of a 32-foot-long gooseneck trailer.

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12/08 Tiny house from new builder in Christmas Parade in Sterling, Colorado

tiny house decorated with lights on the exterior

Rocky Mountain Custom Trailer pulled a tiny house decked out for Christmas through the Parade of Lights on Thursday, Dec. 1st. Photo by Sara Waite.

The couch is positioned just below the window, facing a widescreen television. To the left, the kitchen is adorned with a sink positioned in a repurposed antique wood table now offering an exotic and rustic flavor for the kitchen. The bedroom is accessible by a wooden ladder, a loft above the kitchen.

The front door has a bit of a step in front… off of the trailer. This is the first tiny house model in Sterling. It is produced by Dustin Lind and Tucker Johnson, longtime friends from Fort Collins and partners in Rocky Mountain Custom Trailers of Sterling.

Rocky Mountain Custom Trailers repairs trailers and RVs as its main revenue. Lind and Johnson are also researching the tiny house market. Their show model, unveiled in Sterling’s Parade of Lights, is not just a residence on wheels. It is an example of home efficiency. Lind said he attended a tiny house jamboree in Colorado Springs. He said some of the intrigue in tiny houses is the cost of housing and real estate in urban areas. Small acreage and smaller houses are the remedy in some markets to the cost of housing, according to Lind.

Estimated cost of a tiny house like modeled in the Parade of Lights is $34,000, he said. He said a lot of the research is cost and what the market will support. The tiny house is similar in size to some RVs, but it is ultimately a tiny house. It is insulated to an R21 rating, using recycled denim.

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12/06 Retro-modern Scottish tiny house is all about simple comforts

The Tiny Nesthouse  from Tiny House Scotland

The Tiny Nesthouse from Tiny House Scotland

In being partial to the modern aesthetic, one of TreeHugger’s main gripes about some tiny homes is that they can be a bit overly cutesy and derivative. Of course, we’ve nevertheless showcased a number of ‘cute’ tiny houses that are remarkably well done, and the NestHouse, built by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland, is yet another one.

Seen over at Tiny House Talk, the NestHouse features a pared-down modern, modular design with a tinge of retro flavour — most ostensibly from its vintage-looking refrigerator and touches of robin egg blue everywhere. Avery writes that the Danish concept of “hygge” or relaxed well-being informed his key design ethos of simplicity and comfort:

It’s not hard to locate the Scandi inspiration in [the NestHouse’s] colourful painted wooden form – both externally and internally. But I now realise that my Scandi-phile tendencies are rather more innate – keep life simple, enjoy the basics and above all be content. This is a required mindset anyway for micro-living, because there have to be compromises – but this is why the small house movement is gaining traction with those who find the many artificial pressures of modern life to be rather pointless and exhausting.

Stepping in, one can see that there has been a lot of thought put into the home’s layout to create a light-filled, holistic space, both inside and out. Kitchen and seating are pushed to one side, so that a full table for dining or working can be placed centrally.

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12/05 Peek Inside a 310-Square-Foot Tiny Home That Can Sleep 8 People

exterior and interior of a Mint Tiny House

exterior and interior of a Mint Tiny House

While it may look tiny on the outside, this cottage is deceptively spacious on the inside.

Canadian company Mint Tiny Homes has crafted a charming custom-designed tiny house on wheels that sleeps up to eight people, making it an ideal place to stash overnight guests in your backyard.

So how exactly does this 310-square-foot home make room for eight people? The impressive bungalow houses two lofts, a pull-out couch, and a separate bedroom.

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12/05 Tiny house interior changes at the flick of a switch

Vintage Glam tiny house

The Vintage Glam tiny house, from Tiny Heirloom, cost US$150,000, reflecting the expensive gadgetry and customization that went into it.

The experimentation that typifies the tiny house movement often encourages people to commission a project that suits their exact needs. This was the case with the recently completed Vintage Glam Tiny House, by luxury tiny house specialist Tiny Heirloom, which features a neat motorized platform that reveals a bed, storage space, and more, at the flick of a switch.

The Vintage Glam is based on a 33 ft (10 m)-long double-axle trailer and comprises 200 sq ft (18 sq m) of floorspace, all on one floor. The customer wanted a bed that could be easily stashed away when not in use, so Tiny Heirloom hit upon a novel idea and installed a motorized platform.

The platform includes bench seats, table, bed, and stairs – the latter leading to a snug living space. The sliding mechanism is hidden inside the platform itself and switch-operated linear actuators push the required piece of furniture out when needed.

The space saved by the motorized platform also meant that there was room left for a relatively spacious bathroom and kitchen elsewhere in the tiny house.

The Vintage Glam’s kitchen includes a washing machine, cabinets on both sides, a refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, sink, and an oven. The bathroom has a living wall section, a full-height ceiling and a full-size clawfoot bath and shower.

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12/01 Superior Concrete Tiny Houses Offers Tiny Homes in Multiple Designs to Fit the Consumers’ Living Needs

The Chisholm Trail Cabin by Superior Concrete Tiny Homes

The Chisholm Trail Cabin by Superior Concrete Tiny Homes

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses offers tiny homes in multiple designs to fit the consumer’s living needs and price point. All of their tiny homes are constructed and engineered from modular precast concrete employing cutting-edge technology to ensure they are highly durable and look good with little to no maintenance. Most of their tiny homes are built on a solid foundation…

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses aims at working closely with the clients, helping them get their desired tiny house within their budget. All of these tiny houses are prepared in the company’s factory that has been certified by the National Precast Concrete Association for more than 15 years.

A spokesperson of Superior Concrete Tiny Homes talked more about their tiny homes, “Once you make the decision to move into a tiny home, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses provides a range of options to help make the house your own. From the size and amenities to whether the home should be mobile or built on a fixed foundation, our design team will work with you to customize the tiny home to your specifications.”

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses uses decorative precast concrete to construct durable and beautiful tiny homes that are designed to last.

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11/29 Canadian Tiny House With a Cool Deck

tiny house with deck

Greenmoxie Off-Grid Tiny House

The company Greenmoxie of Toronto, Canada recently unveiled a sustainable tiny home, which can withstand even the harsh conditions of a Canadian winter. The home is cozy on the inside, and looks like a quaint cabin from the outside. It also features a unique drawbridge deck, which extends the living area very nicely.

The home is 30 ft long, 8.5 ft wide and 13.5 ft high (9 m by 2.6 m by 4m), which yields 340 sq ft (31.6 sq m) of interior space. It was built using reclaimed and salvaged materials, including wood from a demolished old barn. The interior was left as open as possible, with the sofa and shelving placed close to the walls instead of cluttering up the central space. The home also features an RV-style table surface, which can be used as a dining table or a coffee table.

The kitchen is quite spacious for a tiny home, and features a good amount of counter space and a large sink. The bathroom is also quite spacious, and is fitted with a composting toilet, and a shower. The bedroom is located in a loft, which is accessible via a set of storage stairs. Windows were placed in a way that allows excellent cross ventilation. The home is heated by a mini-woodstove and a propane heater.

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