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Reality check

I’ve hosted and provided land for a tiny house that was featured on “Tiny house Nation” for almost a year. The young couple, I’ll call them “country meets city” were so excited when they arrived they said they would sign a years lease and probably stay forever. Well, their plans changed and very early. His job took him away for weeks at a time, and she decided to go to school, so they sold the home to a couple from Utah. The couple from Utah were equally excited and assumed the same agreement with hopes for use as a second home. I never did hear their story except the home was up for sale again and then sold to a buyer from Kentucky who finished out the term and had the home moved to Gatlinburg, TN where they vacation frequently with their family.

I’m telling this story because although the concept of living small is easy to sell but perhaps not as simple to do. Do we need a reality check here? Is living small in a tiny home sustainable for the future or does it just fill a temporary need or desire that fades as quickly as youth? What is the overall appeal that will maintain this concept into the future beyond a fleeting fad?

Dennis Elwell, TN