Communities & Parking

This map shows tiny house parking available in backyards, RV parks, and tiny house communities. It’s provided as a service to help tiny house dwellers and land owners & communities find each other. Register to be added to the map – it’s free!

If you just need a place to stay off-grid for one night and your tiny house is “self-contained,” consider Harvest Hosts. It’s like couchsurfing for RVs.

This map is updated nightly. Note: I reserve the right to omit any listing request that seems inauthentic or unreasonable. I’m not able to verify the accuracy of the listings or the reputations of the listers, so for your safety, please research each possibility carefully before agreeing to meet anyone you discover here. Some communities are not accepting new members. If you have questions or concerns or would like your listing removed, please contact us.

Communities and Parking

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Boneyard Studios: 38.907231, -77.036464
SoFair Farms: 41.007222, -91.965833
Headwaters Garden and Learning Center: 44.396875, -72.281497
Tiny Texas Village: 29.680507, -97.647498
Melanie Kintigh: 30.267153, -97.743061
KT Kusmaul: 45.523452, -122.676207
Dennis Elwell: 36.134794, -82.820974
Interstate 40 Grand Canyon RV Park: 35.225011, -112.484067
College Park RV Village: 28.581508, -81.406996
Joy Lucas: 35.227087, -80.843127
Mike : 38.989697, -76.937760
Sally Van Meter: 45.523452, -122.676207
Jon Dandridge: 29.894264, -81.313208
William Cralle: 36.213981, -83.294892
Highland Lake Cove: 35.271228, -82.441508
Pleasant Lake Campground : 43.282500, -76.270556
Beach RV Park: 36.974117, -122.030796
Route 66 RV Park: 35.061436, -106.191414
Lakeview Mobile Manor: 42.712570, -76.421603
Patrick Dimaria: 44.306163, -71.770124
Diana Bell: 47.381802, -122.829803
Kristina Brown: 34.751371, -118.252298
Earthsong: -36.848460, 174.763332
Eltre Sources: 29.830098, -95.267572
Mike Symonds: 46.515382, -67.866113
Cody Hice: 35.914020, -81.538985
Curtis Riche: 34.503727, -83.032608
Amy Rock: 45.689965, -87.525959
Frankie Jaguar: 45.523452, -122.676207
Idaho Tiny Houses: 43.618710, -116.214607
Second Wind Cottages: 42.443961, -76.501881
Healing Hands Ranch & Sunconomy: 30.424928, -95.479942
Community First Village: 30.267153, -97.743061
Opportunity Village: 44.052069, -123.086754
Dignity Village: 45.523452, -122.676207
Quixote Village: 47.037874, -122.900695
Occupy Madison: 43.073052, -89.401230
Denise Eissler: 40.882381, -121.660820
Theodore and Sara: 45.590442, -122.146439
Tiny Home Builders, Tiny House Incubator: 34.207320, -84.140193
Jo Lyn Cornelsen: 46.980674, -122.886221
city of Spur, TX: 33.476477, -100.855686
CreekSide RV Park & Cain Plantation : 30.991306, -83.372658
The Launching Pad: 33.128405, -107.252807
Rena Partick: 50.205764, -125.268242
Maggie Valley community parking: 35.518158, -83.097642
Brian Hartley: 32.895126, -97.545857
Mike C: 39.003166, -76.971920
Ruth Ehman: 42.439479, -83.743830
Leigh Jackson: 36.487829, -87.838357
Dapper Tiny House Park: 37.205346, -95.404975
Trecia Hamm: 35.471472, -93.466573
Darla Richards: 37.052545, -86.207761
Simply Home Community: 45.523452, -122.676207
Tennessee Tiny Homes: 35.149534, -90.048980
Towering Pines Vineyard: 38.861162, -86.487215
Alissa Crusher: 37.428897, -105.433900
Michelle Bredeson Boyle: 47.109735, -122.447408
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Alissa Crusher
Alissa Crusher - Fort Garland, CO
Offering: 5 acres for tiny house parking in the foothills above the town of Ft Garland. Amazing views in every direction. Native wildlife on property. No utilities on property, but utility access only 2 miles away. Great area for solar. Year round access. Reasonable rates.
Date available: now
Fort Garland, CO, United States
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Amy Rock
Amy Rock - Powers, MI
Offering: place to park a tiny house, $100/month plus electricity. Garden hose to hook up for water. Next to the coolest little coffeehouse with free entertainment on the weekends. Musicians and artists are very much encouraged to come!
Date available: 07/14/2015
Powers, MI, United States
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Beach RV Park
Beach RV Park - 2505 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz, CA
Offering: We are a small RV park near the ocean (16 sites). We have no tiny houses at this point but would like to have some or all of our sites filled by tiny houses. This is a very desirable location where the housing is super expensive so our monthly rate is $725. This includes all utilities and cable tv. We have no vacancies at this time but would welcome applications (print out from our website.
Contact: or 831-462-2505.
Santa Cruz, CA, United States
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Boneyard Studios
Boneyard Studios is a tiny house showcase in Washington, DC.
Washington, D.C., DC
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Brian Hartley
Brian Hartley - Azle, TX
Offering: A micro farming community (startup) 1/2 Acre lots available for long term parking of tiny houses and agricultural use from $150 per month. Larger lots and acreage available for larger farming plans.
Date available: 09/01/2014
Azle, TX, United States
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city of Spur, TX
In northwest Texas, the tiny town of Spur became the first "tiny house friendly" town in America, with no minimum size requirement for homes on foundations. Tiny houses on wheels are welcome if the wheels are removed and the house is tied down.
Spur, TX, United States
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Cody Hice
Cody Hice - Lenoir, NC
Offering: I have a beautiful 54 acre property in Western NC. ideal for a Tiny House community. It has views of the Blue Ridge mountains, spring, creek, roads and is gated. Power is available.
Contact: or 561-302-5507
Lenoir, NC, United States
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College Park RV Village
College Park Village
3405 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL
Join two other tiny houses in a cluster by the lake in this RV park.
3405 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL, United States
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Community First Village
Community First Village - Austin, TX
Community First! Village, a program of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, is a 27 acre master-planned community that will provide affordable, sustainable housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas.
Austin, TX, United States
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CreekSide RV Park & Cain Plantation
CreekSide RV Park & Cain Plantation - Hahira, GA
RV park that accepts tiny houses
Hahira, GA, United States
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Curtis Riche
Curtis Riche - Lake Hartwell, SC
Offering: RV double lot, includes 36 foot RV awning, small cabin with large screened in deck.
Date available: 07/08/2014
Lake Hartwell State Recreation Area, Fair Play, SC, United States
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Dapper Tiny House Park
Dapper Tiny House Park - Mound Valley, KS
Offered: converting an RV park to a tiny house park. Spaces available for tiny houses and folks who want to help form a community.
Date available: 09/10/2014
Mound Valley, KS, United States
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Darla Richards
Darla Richards - Smiths Grove, KY
Offering: a place to park a tiny house adjacent to Mammoth Cave National Park on small dead end road. Sorry, no dogs.
Date available: 10/01/2014
Smiths Grove, KY, United States
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Denise Eissler
Denise Eissler - Lake Shasta area of Northern California
Offering: Gorgeous property in Lake Shasta area of northern CA. Please call for more information.
Date Available:08/01/2014
Contact: 512-689-4095
Burney, CA, United States
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Dennis Elwell
Dennis Elwell - foothills of Smokies, Greene county, TN
Offering: private lot with pond & creek; waterfalls cascade over the rock filled creek. $250/month plus electric and water (about $45). Discount for maintaining the grounds. Located approximately 7 miles from exit #36 on I81.
Date available: 4/25/2014
Greene, TN, United States
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Diana Bell
Diana Bell - Allyn, WA
Offering: private lot on Treasure Island including well water, electricity extra.$275 per month
Date available: 06/05/2014
Allyn, Allyn-Grapeview, WA, United States
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Dignity Village
Dignity Village - Portland, OR
Tiny house community for homeless folks in Portland.
Portland, OR, United States
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Earthsong in Auckland, NZ is an eco-village that accepts tiny houses.
Auckland, New Zealand
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Eltre Sources
Eltre Sources - 8601 Furray Road, Houston, TX
Offering: wooded lot for sale. Had old house at one time. Has chain link fence.
Good neighbors. Will sell for $7500, or will trade. Free and clear.
Contact: 281-587-5451 or
8601 Furray Road, Houston, TX, United States
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Frankie Jaguar
Frankie Jaguar - Portland, OR
Offering: Backyard Parking Space; 30V outlet and water hose hookup; no sewer, no use of main house. Hosting, must agree to stay out of Tiny House one night every 30 days is needed to comply with codes. Must understand this is a "grey area" with regards to it working out with the city and may have to move if anyone complains. This is a lovely fenced in yard, beautiful plants, quiet, great neighbors, close to transportation. $500 includes electric and water.
Data available: 08/01/2014
Portland, OR, United States
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