Communities & Parking

This map shows tiny house parking available in backyards, RV parks, and tiny house communities. It’s provided as a service to help tiny house dwellers and land owners & communities find each other. Complete the form below to have your community or available parking spot added to the map – it’s free!

Please be patient after submitting your request (or offer) for parking in the registration – the map is updated manually (once a day) by a person who reads your info before including it on the map. I reserve the right to omit any listing request that seems inauthentic or unreasonable.

Free sites: If you’re willing to work a few hours in exchange for a short term place to stay, consider Lilypadder. For one night if your tiny house is self-contained (you need no hook-ups), try Harvest Hosts or Boondockers.

Note: I’m not able to verify the accuracy of the listings or the reputations of the listers, so for your safety, please research each possibility carefully before agreeing to meet anyone you discover here. Some communities are not accepting new members. If you have questions or concerns or would like your listing removed, please contact us. If you contact a listing and the person does not reply to you within three days, please let me know and I’ll remove the listing. I’d like this to be a useful tool and it’s not helpful if folks don’t respond to inquiries.

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Communities and Parking

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SoFair Farms: 41.007222, -91.965833
Headwaters Garden and Learning Center: 44.396875, -72.281497
Tiny Texas Village: 29.680507, -97.647498
Dennis Elwell: 36.134794, -82.820974
Orlando Lakefront at College Park: 28.581508, -81.406996
Mike : 38.989697, -76.937760
Sally Van Meter: 45.523452, -122.676207
William Cralle: 36.213981, -83.294892
Highland Lake Cove: 35.271228, -82.441508
Pleasant Lake Campground : 43.282500, -76.270556
Route 66 RV Park: 35.061436, -106.191414
Lakeview Mobile Manor: 42.712570, -76.421603
Patrick Dimaria: 44.306163, -71.770124
Diana Bell: 47.381802, -122.829803
Earthsong: -36.848460, 174.763332
Eltre Sources: 29.830098, -95.267572
Mike Symonds: 46.515382, -67.866113
Cody Hice: 35.914020, -81.538985
Amy Rock: 45.689965, -87.525959
Idaho Tiny Houses: 43.618710, -116.214607
Second Wind Cottages: 42.443961, -76.501881
Healing Hands Ranch & Sunconomy: 30.424928, -95.479942
Community First Village: 30.267153, -97.743061
Square One Villages: 44.052069, -123.086754
Dignity Village: 45.523452, -122.676207
Quixote Village: 47.037874, -122.900695
Occupy Madison: 43.073052, -89.401230
Denise Eissler: 40.882381, -121.660820
Theodore and Sara: 45.590442, -122.146439
Tiny Home Builders, Tiny House Incubator: 34.207320, -84.140193
Jo Lyn Cornelsen: 46.980674, -122.886221
city of Spur, TX: 33.476477, -100.855686
CreekSide RV Park & Cain Plantation : 30.991306, -83.372658
The Launching Pad: 33.128405, -107.252807
Maggie Valley community parking: 35.518158, -83.097642
Brian Hartley: 32.895126, -97.545857
Mike C: 39.003166, -76.971920
Ruth Ehman: 42.439479, -83.743830
Leigh Jackson: 36.487829, -87.838357
Dapper Tiny House Park: 37.205346, -95.404975
Trecia Hamm: 35.471472, -93.466573
Darla Richards: 37.052545, -86.207761
Simply Home Community: 45.523452, -122.676207
Tennessee Tiny Homes: 35.149534, -90.048980
Towering Pines Vineyard: 38.861162, -86.487215
Michelle Bredeson Boyle: 47.109735, -122.447408
Lemon Cove Village: 36.379279, -118.992920
Heart Winds House: 44.615556, -71.954167
The Sanctuary: 45.840600, -93.423386
Jennifer Leitch: 35.547851, -87.551963
Ronnie Grimes-Premo: 35.817318, -83.246821
Austin Live | Work: 30.155106, -97.619406
Suncrest Resort: 47.130142, -119.278077
Anne Burnett: 34.505870, -109.360933
Golden Pond RV Park: 35.656188, -92.319322
Interstate 40 Grand Canyon RV Park: 35.225011, -112.484067
Willow Creek Campground: 39.452132, -121.048598
Paradise Lakes Nudist Resort: 28.151124, -82.461483
CreekSide RV Park & Cain Plantation: 30.991306, -83.372658
Cherry Hill Park: 38.989697, -76.937760
Bayley’s Camping Resort: 43.590197, -70.334492
Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park : 35.595058, -82.551487
Holden Beach RV Park: 34.017672, -78.267499
Timberland Lake Campground: 40.135112, -74.524042
Route 66 RV Park : 35.061436, -106.191414
The Launching Pad: 33.128405, -107.252807
Historic Route 66 (Kiva) RV Park: 35.171723, -103.724966
Croton Point Park: 41.208428, -73.891248
Lakeview Mobile Manor: 42.712570, -76.421603
Pleasant Lake Campground: 43.282569, -76.270485
Lake George Campsites: 43.359444, -73.656944
Adirondack North Country Cabins and RV Park : 43.520346, -75.154889
Dillon State Park: 40.070623, -82.175699
Ye Olde Mill Campground : 40.078142, -77.895554
Sandy Lake RV Park : 32.975642, -96.889964
Rhonda V: 30.087161, -97.500830
Camp Tiny House of the Triad: 36.119859, -80.073653
All Seasons RV Park: 33.119207, -117.086421
Bearfoot Burgers & Beer: 36.949775, -90.158434
Omar C: 41.617530, -86.720045
Haven House of We Care: 35.493959, -85.012453
K Carter: 41.090652, -73.917915
Micro Community Concepts: 45.523062, -122.676482
Angels in Goliad RV Park: 28.668325, -97.388327
Rose and Nico: 40.311996, -83.915770
Habitat Multigenerations: 45.611507, -73.705366
Camp Tiny House of the Triad: 36.119859, -80.073653
Saraliz Jimenez: 41.926292, -89.072800
The Village of Wildflowers: 35.271228, -82.441508
Deb & James Wilbanks: 36.019444, -86.125000
Stone\'s Throw Ecovillage: 43.556917, -90.888741
Tasha V: 30.190207, -98.086678
Steve Beaudry: 34.170983, -80.794252
Cloudbase RV Park: 34.971313, -85.408173
RJ: 36.112923, -115.091881
Caballos de las Estrellas Eco Resort: 31.835372, -109.031170
The Ford Ranch: 42.188772, -120.345792
Mark Fritts: 38.038748, -77.638876
Luke Stone: 28.538335, -81.379236
Linda Jean Bufford: 38.485875, -91.850451
Lovare Homestead: 40.311996, -83.915770
Hidden Acres Family Campground: 38.024630, -77.373107
Oak Knoll Campground: 33.322813, -116.878636
Overland Village RV Park: 28.676111, -81.510556
Sam: 37.126058, -122.122187
Our Tiny Safe Haven: 35.605623, -85.188850
Lake Rousseau RV Park: 28.902479, -82.592601
Theme World RV Park: 28.161405, -81.601742
Flamingo Campground: 25.468722, -80.477557
Yogi Bear\'s Jellystone National Park: 30.469377, -83.412925
New Orleans East Kampground: 30.275195, -89.781175
Cross Winds Family Campground: 35.750694, -80.317831
Parkview Mobile Home & RV Park : 30.894043, -102.879322
Berry Springs RV Park: 30.633262, -97.677984
Oak Grove Plantation RV Park: 34.715975, -81.019526
R. Bee: 40.794367, -105.216278
Marcia Bonk: 40.559483, -79.959213
Vicki Gustafson: 45.523062, -122.676482
William Cralle: 36.213981, -83.294892
Creek N Wood Campground: 42.895064, -77.434713
Ken & PJ Germain: 30.782236, -89.142789
Paul: 30.267153, -97.743061
Truly Green Energy Workers Cooperative Village: 48.833005, -115.708659
Tiny Homes Simply Home Community: 49.054587, -122.328026
Diane Kintrea: 45.862337, -122.670378
Highbanks Marina & Camp Resort: 28.871344, -81.328940
Riverfront RV Park: 30.332184, -81.655651
Parramore\'s Fantastic Fish Camp & Family Resort: 29.162480, -81.525349
Sunshine Holiday Daytona: 29.285813, -81.055889
Rustic Sands Resort Campground: 29.947983, -85.417977
Bayview RV Campground: 30.393534, -86.495783
Kerrie Mendoza: 40.120453, -85.023346
Sauvie Island Cove RV Park: 45.523062, -122.676482
Cornerstone Villages: 39.072511, -122.929459
Xandra Hill: 38.833463, -122.720961
Kool Lakes Family Campground: 41.284222, -81.096486
High Country RV park: 38.222538, -108.573074
The NIMBY Project (Neighbor in My Back Yard) of Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church: 47.606209, -122.332071
Destiny\'s Bridge: 40.082129, -74.209701
Riannon Walsh: 40.095104, -75.616868
Valerie Mobley: 35.139236, -97.394753
Sanctuary at Green Street Church of Christ: 36.162664, -86.781602
The Cottages at Hickory Crossing: 32.776664, -96.796988
Robert Hasty: 40.799614, -76.145218
Luke Stone: 44.510684, -69.207789
Lisa Claver: 43.961009, -122.661823
Anthony Prichard: 39.647765, -104.987760
Junction West RV park: 39.063871, -108.550649
Walnut Acres Campground: 42.238335, -91.187094
Chapelton community : 55.686059, -4.863484
Palm Canyon RV Resort: 33.255872, -116.375012
Flying Flags RV Resort & Campground: 34.613597, -120.192651
Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort: 43.366501, -124.217890
Alderwood RV Express: 47.766479, -117.355274
Archview RV Resort: 38.573315, -109.549840
Canyonlands RV Resort: 38.573315, -109.549840
Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground: 38.573315, -109.549840
Pony Express RV Resort: 40.848556, -111.906882
Shelter Cove Resort & Marina: 43.474794, -121.985481
Silver Cover RV Resort: 46.295656, -122.783298
Gracious Park: 27.192961, -80.763245
Debbie Dye: 27.800583, -97.396381
Cheryl Van Allsburg: 43.637858, -70.518942
Lynn Schue: 38.678514, -121.225782
The Outpost: 28.022243, -81.732857
Jeff Meyer & Jay Olstead: 29.584452, -81.207870
Shawna Halvorsen: 45.676998, -111.042934
Seth Thomas: 35.227087, -80.843127
Brian McCormack: 44.046166, -73.505126
Penny Bowhall: 35.802011, -86.911391
Sprout Tiny Home Community: 37.624179, -104.780264
Knife River Campground: 46.949357, -91.785452
Wildwoods Community Mini-Farm: 35.913200, -79.055845
Mark Hundhammer: 44.464520, -68.711139
Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village: 54.518192, -128.603154
Evergreen RV Park: 34.197505, -119.177052
Spring Lodge: 30.087315, -97.501432
Donna Hamilton: 38.833882, -104.821363
Green Bridge Farm : 32.336304, -81.391499
Wurruk\'an: -38.266703, 146.741207
CommuniKindred: 44.006480, -79.450396
Ingenium Expressive Arts Village: 39.263196, -121.017301
Nickelsville Works : 47.606209, -122.332071
Chris & Malissa Tack: 47.723653, -122.471335
Tiny Home Community Collaborative: 35.720146, -79.177237
Linda Dillon: 48.187056, -122.507847
Pine Acres Campground: 33.560417, -81.719553
Tiny House Community: 27.521427, -82.572319
Eric Seymour: 30.577412, -90.483146
Carolina Forest Gardens: 35.723473, -79.462243
Michael Shawdow: 40.913394, -77.778335
Sharpe\'s Pecan Estates Mobile Home & RV Park: 33.755659, -96.536658
Kevin Davidson: 37.913471, -77.128863
Bonnie Hamilton: 49.781264, -118.828125
Vets4Vets Village: 37.718324, -88.864698
Moon River RV Resort: 46.285691, -119.284462
Nickelsville Ballard: 47.606209, -122.332071
Deer Creek Hollow Mobile Home & RV Park: 44.756233, -122.416748
Sally Barnes : 45.591596, -111.197730
Coldwater Creek RV Park: 30.578245, -98.272800
City of the Sun: 31.827600, -107.640023
Marijane Galle : 35.223331, -114.223011
Bill Clark: 36.208294, -115.983915
Sarah Willis: 38.627002, -90.199404
Sacramento River Delta KOA RV Park Resort Marina: 38.161861, -121.611621
Gwenn Miller : 48.255387, -121.601514
Celebrate Outreach: 27.751828, -82.626734
Olive Ranch: 30.276741, -98.411981
Karna Conyers: 44.397625, -122.736196
Sprout Tiny Home Community: 38.534719, -105.998902
Heritage Campground: 35.345987, -79.416971
Kal Hill: 46.495300, -84.345317
Sandy Shoulders: 62.320905, -150.106622
Toutle River Resort: 46.275111, -122.907614
Riverview RV Park: 40.397761, -105.074980
Marnie Khaw: 30.210767, -97.654724
Gulf Oasis RV Park: 25.901747, -97.497484
Prairie View Mobile Home Park: 43.998582, -96.312812
Parkside Mobile Home Park: 40.729056, -92.873820
Parkside Mobile Home Park: 41.301408, -91.691642
Clarcona Resort Condominium RV park: 28.693408, -81.532215
Field & Stream RV Park: 42.734810, -71.658127
Land of Ease RV park: 32.204873, -95.855521
Luke Swab: 35.045630, -85.309680
Janet Ashforth - Habitats Tiny Homes : 32.715738, -117.161084
Shay Reynolds: 30.267153, -97.743061
Mulvane Mobile Home & RV Park: 37.474464, -97.243933
Jill Weber: 48.503890, -122.236110
Airstream Park: 36.169941, -115.139830
Residence for Patriots: 32.715738, -117.161084
Erin Lowrey: 36.062579, -94.157426
Randy Green: 34.135558, -116.054169
Paul Walhus: 30.087315, -97.501432
Gayle Temkin: 29.884944, -97.670000
Jerica Pender: 47.037874, -122.900695
Johanna Elsner: 36.099860, -80.244216
Campers Inn RV Park: 38.885238, -121.969580
Lomax Tiny House Community: 41.218707, -86.882245
Rockledge Tiny House Community: 28.316450, -80.726985
Erik Norris: 47.754265, -122.163458
Natalie Grieco: 43.836337, -79.874484
Vallecito Resort RV Park: 37.225559, -107.598112
Smokey Hollow Campground: 43.313878, -89.526509
Lisa Nobrega : 41.722370, -70.895234
Casey Grove: 40.853399, -77.567496
Tom Wiseman: 46.856766, -122.852909
American RV Park Corsicana: 32.095430, -96.468873
Lisa Rollins: 33.132114, -79.883413
Jarred Brown: 40.091890, -74.358747
Charlene Younggren: 33.972515, -116.977248
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Helen Thornton
Helen Thornton - Olympia, WA
Offering: space on my driveway, in a beautiful, treelined neighborhood. Town has 3 colleges, including The Evergreen State College. Beautiful large front yard with pond and patio and grass.
Date available: 05/24/2016
Olympia, WA, United States
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Frances Key
Frances Key - Jacksonville, FL
Offering: space for 3-4 tiny homes. I have several acres of partially cleared and partially wooded property. There is a double wide mobile home on the property which could be connected. Hoping to create a peaceful and friendly community! $300 per month, open to bartering work on the property in exchange for some of the rent. Possibility for having goats, chickens, gardens etc.Looking for peaceful, responsible people who will respect the natural environment. I am middle-aged, quiet and private, spiritually minded, and I am here only part time.
Date available: 05/22/2016
Jacksonville, FL, United States
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Tania Morken
Tania Morken - Hesperia, CA
Offering: a place to park a tiny house on a half acre lot in Hesperia, CA. (High Desert). There are large pine trees for shade and plenty of room for a garden. We live in a quiet neighborhood and very close to the 15 freeway, if you need to commute down the hill (ie. Ontario, San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga). We can offer water (via hose) electricity (via extension cord and trash) $600 a month. (negotiable depending on if you need to use amenities).
Date available: 05/22/2016
Hesperia, CA, United States
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Cass Community Social Services
Cass Community Social Services is building a tiny house community in Detroit. According to Fox News, the 24 homes being built in Detroit will be fully functioning, between 300 and 450 square feet, and located right off the Lodge near Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst Street.
Detroit, MI, United States
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Cheryl Fling
Cheryl Fling - Estill County, KY
Offering: a place to park a tiny house on a 40 acre nonprofit Animal Rescue in Eastern Kentucky. We have cabins with electric or space for off grid parking ( along a creek, up the mountain or near rescue buildings) and communal kitchen, bath and laundry for all visitors and "parkers". Feed yourselves, help out with animals, property, be respectful with tobacco, alcohol, religion and politics. Electric hook-up possible if close enough to do so. Propane available close by. *** NO HUNTING ***
Date available: 05/19/2016
Estill County, KY, United States
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Sue Wells
Sue Wells - near Lewisberry, PA
Offering: a place to park tiny houses. Electric from my house, water available via hose. I live on a small private farm 15 miles south of Harrisburg, PA. Pets welcome if good citizens. Could handle two tiny homes at a time if necessary. Rate is $30/day or $850/ month. Please email your intentions one week out so I can assure availability.
Date available: seasonally, April through October
Lewisberry, PA, United States
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The Lavra
The Lavra - Arroyo Grande, CA
Offering: in an intentional community in rural California, between San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande. We have 5 acres with goats, chickens, a permaculture garden, a vineyard, and various buildings on the property including a yurt and mushroom-shaped structure. The hillside above our vineyard is currently undeveloped, and we think it would be an ideal place for 2-3 tiny homes to park. We have water already piped up the hill, and can easily bring electricity up from our "main house" on the property. The property runs off of solar panels on the main house roof. We are hoping to find people who are interested in communal living and would like to help out with farm activities, including goat milking, gardening and egg collecting from the chickens. All of our members work in jobs outside of the community, and we pay a $450 rent, or "assessment fee" each month into the community. We do not have a septic on the hill yet, but we are willing to invest in adding one, as we hope to develop that hillside for future community members. We are also open to composting toilets, and already have 2 on the property. Please see our website for more information:
Date available: 05/18/2016
Arroyo Grande, CA, United States
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DC Coillier
DC Coillier - North Monterey County, CA
Offering: two Tiny House sites. Secure, quiet, wooded, paved, all hookups.
Date available: 05/17/2016
Contact: call DC at 831-663-3766 or email
Monterey County, CA, United States
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The Hideaway Ramona
Erin Moody - Ramona, CA
Offering: The Hideaway Ramona hosts a total of 6 spots for tiny house owners who don't want to stay in their tiny house full time and who would like to participate with The Hideaway Ramona's tiny house vacation rentals. For more information please visit
Date available: 05/17/2016
Ramona, CA, United States
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Kimberly Moore
Kimberly Moore - Scottsdale, AZ
Offering: a space to rent for a Tiny Home or camper. $65.00 day, longer terms ok. 30/50 amp, water, Wifi, quiet, fresh air. Pets & horses ok. Nestled in the wild west, scenic & mountains views. A fresh garden and fruit trees are blooming throughout the year.
Date available: 06/20/2016
Scottsdale, AZ, United States
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Echo Lake Campground
Echo Lake Campground - 200 Moroney Road, Pascoag, RI. Open May through Sept.
Pascoag, Burrillville, RI, United States
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Trish Moore
Trish Moore - Fitzwilliam, NH
Offering: a place to park a tiny house or camper on beautiful 10 acres of property (owners live in house on property) 5 minutes to Mt. Monadnock, 20 minutes to Keene, NH, electrical, water, and internet access, some spots on river, others bordering railroad bed for hiking, walking, etc. 15 minutes to Cheshire fairgrounds. Animal friendly, including horses. Two women with two dogs and community spirit!
Date available: 05/13/2016
Fitzwilliam, NH, United States
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Ashleigh B.
Ashleigh B. - Austin, TX
Seeking: a place to park a tiny house. I'm in the process of building my tiny home and should be finished by late August. Writer/ editor, clean and respectful, with a steady job.
Date needed: Aug. 25, 2016
Austin, TX, United States
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Ashley H.
Ashley H. - Austin, TX
Offering: a place to park a tiny house on a lovely corner lot that has a small bungalow house in the front and a huge back yard. It is located in the Southwest corner of 183 and I35. It's 6 miles from downtown and only 4 miles from UT campus. We can provide water connection. We cannot provide sewer or electricity. Dogs and cats are fine, but there isn't a fenced in yard. Please contact us only if you already have a tiny home and plan to move to the lot within 2-3 months.
Date available: 06/01/2016
Austin, TX, United States
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Mt. Hood Tiny House Village
Mt Hood Tiny House Village - Mt Hood, OR
Offers nightly rentals of tiny houses. May also offer long term parking. Contact them for details.
Mt Hood, OR, United States
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Kyle Shears
Kyle Shears - Temecula, CA
Offering: Organic farm and eco community. Includes your own personal organic garden area, water and trash. Even bring your own farm animals for an additional charge. We are 20 minutes outside Temecula or French Valley.
Date available: 5/10/2016
Temecula, CA, United States
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Cindy Dugan
Cindy Dugan - Fort Collins, CO
Offering: A place to park a tiny house on a 0.75 acre lot across the street from Horsetooth
Reservoir. 1/2 mile from Soderberg Trail Head for hiking or mountain biking. Home must be self contained, electric is available with extension cord. There is a free dump site 1/4 mile from home. 31 day minimum, 180 day maximum. $600 per month.
Date available: 05/04/2016
Fort Collins, CO, United States
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April Hughes
April Hughes - Milford, Maine
Offering: for sale, 1.14 acres of land on the Penobscot River front, $5000 perfect for house on wheels as this is resource protected land, meaning, unbuildable. Off grid only. Composite toilets, solar, generators, and water can be used from the river. All wooded lot on a town maintained road. The cleared spots inside the property can fit a 25ft RV, small trees need to be cleared, to establish a driveway. Otherwise there is about 15ft of on street parking in front of the property. No neighbors. Local town is about 3mins away by car. Property is square, 230x220ft. 230 riverfront, 230 Street front, 220 stream front, 220 abuts neighboring lot which is vacant and also unbuildable. Plenty of deer on property due to the Apple trees. We've used it for tent camping from spring to fall. Property taxes are thru Town of Milford at about $180 paid twice a year. River is great for kayaking or swimming, we do get a great sandy beach, and an island in right in the middle of the river in front of the lot, is Nice to beach on and explore. Address is, lot 1, Route 2, Milford Maine. Tax map 36. The lot is on the riverside of Route 2, North of French Settlement Rd. Next to the bridge where the stream runs under. Once a driveway is established, the fire department will assign an actual address lol, yes the fire department. Was quoted $1500 by a contractor to do the driveway, permits were in place. I will give you permission to enter the property if you are truly interested.
Date available: May 15, 2016
Milford, Maine, United States
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Mary Smith
Mary Smith - Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada
Offering: parking in exchange for animal and property minding. Small permaculture hobby farm in the Gulf Islands, British Columbia. Tiny house must be self contained. Well behaved dogs welcomed. References required.
Date available: 06/01/2016
Galiano Island, BC, Canada
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Veterans Vilage
  • Missouri: Veterans Village, has built its first tiny house at Veterans Village, a community intended to grow to 52 tiny houses and a day outreach center on four acres of land on 89th and Troost in Kansas City.
    Kansas City, MO, United States
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