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Do you want a tiny house but can’t find the right house or builder? Maybe you can’t afford a professional builder or you want a house made with only recycled materials or perhaps you’re looking for a used tiny house. Tell us what you’re looking for via the tiny house wanted form below.

builders Or maybe you’re looking for work. You have some construction experience but aren’t yet a pro and want to offer your building services to others. Describe what you can offer here.

renting Or are you a tiny house dweller whose needs have changed and you want to re-home your tiny house? Tell us about your tiny house for sale.
Builders, you can also advertise your tiny houses here.

All listings are free. Please be patient after submitting your listing – the map is updated manually (once a day) by a person who reads your info before including it on the map. I reserve the right to omit any listing request that seems inauthentic or unreasonable.

Caution: If you’re hiring a builder, be sure to meet him or her in person, see examples of the work, ask for references, and know where your tiny house will be built. If the builder has never constructed a tiny house before, you may want to provide detailed plans and a bill of materials. Your contract with the builder should state what happens if one of you fails to meet your obligations – what happens to a partially built tiny house?

If you are considering purchasing a used tiny house, not only should you see it in person, you should also ask a professional builder to come with you to inspect the house for potential structural issues.

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Tiny House Wanted or Offered

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John Cogar : 42.188772, -120.345792
Mary Hyndman: 39.550051, -105.782067
Mark Biyer, Tiny House Squared: 42.120046, -85.532775
Crystal Lloyd: 35.296197, -89.661469
Mary Rogers : 32.755488, -97.330766
Jody Mead: 40.760779, -111.891047
Brian Rogers : 33.084844, -97.296129
Laureen Caulder: 42.224867, -121.781670
Susan Suchan: 36.153982, -95.992775
Katrice Edwards: 33.952602, -84.549933
Nikole O\'brien : 45.638728, -122.661486
Tom Freed: 32.832322, -79.828426
Cara Funk: 40.014986, -105.270546
Sharon Silverman: 40.892877, -73.972638
Amy Fortoul: 39.768403, -86.158068
Chaco Paloma: 46.878718, -113.996586
Johnny Vu: 32.735687, -97.108066
Erin Jones: 41.600545, -93.609106
Collin Deakin: 27.199599, -82.345189
David Johnson: 28.664992, -82.112863
Mark Rogers: 38.440429, -122.714055
Lisa King: 34.149246, -78.093834
David Siler, DBS Enterprises: 30.367979, -97.991679
Shaynea Williams: 32.366805, -86.299969
Gareth Bruce : 49.492800, -117.294800
Tara Huhn: 33.777500, -118.188000
Rene Washington: 38.846200, -77.306400
Cory Frazier: 42.444000, -84.924600
Christy Bernard: 33.401600, -112.578000
Nissa Rost-Rothman: 45.520200, -122.674000
Kelly Belle: 33.310300, -111.746000
Essence Grant : 33.960499, -118.446691
Debra Mason -: 41.712300, -72.608100
Jason: 39.741111, -104.986967
Vivian Lee: 39.728500, -121.837000
Tom Mullen: 43.528200, -71.866800
Pat Quest: 31.577000, -111.331000
Teaunna Clark: 35.044100, -78.892100
Jill Cleary: 34.641400, -106.716000
Rose Ann Oleyar: 39.695400, -74.258800
Lisa L Wascher: 36.162200, -86.774400
Cecilia Johnson: 32.776300, -96.796900
Gary Alexander : 34.054400, -118.244000
Traci McPherson: 32.776300, -96.796900
Gwen Arthur: 29.785800, -95.824400
Marlene Markham: 33.690900, -118.007000
Christian Bruns: 29.709400, -82.049800
Lisa Scott: 29.289300, -82.111800
Brianna Judy: 39.345500, -78.756400
Jane Voigt: 38.818400, -77.086100
Monse Guerra: 26.212900, -80.249800
Michael Lerch: 48.137100, 11.575400
Serene LeBlanc: 44.140646, -72.659800
Roger B: 42.310500, -88.435300
Solid Construction: 36.995200, -122.081000
Gary ain Allen : 39.004300, -105.052000
Corinne: 37.231800, -79.810600
ISABEL SHELTON SHELTON: 39.962300, -83.000700
Jenny Johnson: 48.420300, -122.311000
B&B Micro Manufacturing: 42.684400, -73.116600
Jo Ann Neal: 37.686800, -121.761000
Sarah Arreola: 32.776300, -96.796900
Linda Castillo: 30.268500, -97.721300
Carrie Courtney: 30.268500, -97.721300
Sonia Banner: 39.739200, -104.985000
Ameer Flippin: 38.895000, -77.036600
Stephanie Barag: 27.060300, -82.262700
Erin Teagle: 46.200100, -119.176000
Brady Townsend: 46.103500, -123.205000
Ashley Troupin: 44.050500, -123.095000
Tom Reen: 35.238300, -82.734500
Arlin Mendoza: 40.450800, -122.296000
Taylor Williams: 36.088900, -79.793900
Taylor Williams: 36.088900, -79.793900
Cassie Livingston: 28.623000, -80.830400
Tyson Edwards: 45.341800, -122.594000
Dan O\'Neal: 35.536100, -82.837800
Vera Long, Ojai Tiny Home: 34.448500, -119.247000
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Vera Long, Ojai Tiny Home
Vera Long - Ojai, California
Offering: Tiny house building services. You can view a recent project at our website: Our model is to create 2-3 very custom artisan homes using local talent and labor and renewable green materials and we are working on a grant to also construct affordable housing / tiny home villages for middle to lower income people.
Date listed: 05/24/2017
Contact: or call (805) 765-0765
Ojai California, United States of America
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Dan O'Neal
Dan O'Neal - Canton (Cruso), North Carolina
Services offered: We at QUON Living offer a uniquely styled Tiny Home with many design options.
Our buildings can be either trailered or non and can also be finished from a rough frame unit all the way to a totally turn keyed unit.
They have the ability to be adjoined to each other with a little forethought, as your lifestyle needs change.
One other thing to be noted is our pricing comes in at or nearly 1/2 of most competitors.
Best is to look at our website...
Listing date: 05/23/2017
Canton North Carolina, United States of America
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Tyson Edwards
Tyson Edwards - Oregon City, Oregon
Offering: tiny house builder, Covo Tiny House Company
Listing date: 05/18/2017
Oregon City Oregon, United States of America
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Cassie Livingston
Cassie Livingston - Titusville, Florida
Wanted: I'm kind of open as I am new to this. I have two small children and rather than work full time and not be able to raise my kids with more time and value I want to downsize a try living off child support of $1700/month. Also need owner finance with downpayment.
Price: Can pay $2500 down and monthly depends on whether it's on land or have to relocate it
Listing date: 05/14/2017
Titusville Florida, United States of America
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Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams - Greensboro, NC
Services offered: At Tiny Life Construction, we are passionate about embracing new challenges. We believe releasing the clutter in our lives is the only way we’ll be free to jump into our next adventure. We want to get out of how life used to be, and start chasing how life should be. We believe change should be embraced, not feared. We desire a new beginning where “simplicity” is part of our daily vocabulary. We want to choose what we see outside our front door, and we want to own where we lay our head at night. We want to own our freedom.

If this resonates with you, join us in re-defining home. Embrace the challenge, Own your freedom..." target="_blank">
Listing date:
Greensboro North Carolina, United States of America
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Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams - Greensboro, NC
Description: Dreaming of owning your own Tiny Home?

Tiny Life Construction can help you realize your dream today!

We are seeking to move our much loved Irving model before the start of summer!
For just $24,000 down, you can be a happy Irving owner!

Require assistance to help make your dream come true? Tiny Life Construction is offering Owner Financing on the remaining balance to help you realize your dream. Have cash for the full purchase? Fantastic. We warmly welcome an offer, and YES, we will happily deliver!

The Irving: $67,999

The Irving is a luxury tiny home with ample natural lighting and all of the essentials, including a sleeping loft, and a downstairs bedroom that may also be used as an office, hobby space, or a cozy nook.

As a home, the Irving can sleep up to 6 with a fold out couch, and boasts two large closets as well. Don't have much clothing? Yet one more terrific space that can be creatively transformed. Irving is perfect for the single desiring solitude, a couple wishing to downsize, or for a small family.

It is 8'6"W x 32'L x 13'6"T totaling just under 340 SF of livable space including the loft. This model also comes with your standard RV hookups for electric and water.

Key Features:
Downstairs queen bedroom, office or cozy nook
Two Large Closets- or alternate creative space
Large Kitchen- with ample cabinet space
Full-Sized Bathroom- with barn door for privacy
Tankless Propane Water Heater
Propane Range
Midsize Refrigerator
Propane Washer/Dryer Combo Unit
King Sleeping/Storage Loft
Custom Trailer With Brake Assisted Axels
Spray Foam Insulation
Solid Pine Wood
SmartSide Siding- with 25 yr. manufacturer warranty
Large Storage Closet On Tongue

Love, love, love it, if only? No worries, we welcome your thoughts. If we can make the change, we will. We love what we do. 😉

We just LOVE our Irving, we hope you will too!

Price: $67,999.00
Listing date: 05/11/2017

Greensboro North Carolina, United States of America
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Arlin Mendoza
Arlin Mendoza - Anderson, CA
Description: Liberty Cabins is a certified "Tiny House" RV manufacturer.

We only use high grade material. No OSB, No MDF cabinets, all Pine, Cedar, & Maple throughout. This model comes full equipped with platinum grade flooring throughout the unit, custom couch, beautiful oscillating fans, dinette table & all lighting is LED 12V.

Up in the loft there is high grade Shaw Carpet, as well as Shaw cushion for your comfort. There are outlets in every corner of the loft and a skylight for gazing into the sky. The Skylight also acts as an emergency egress window ( We follow NFPA and RVIA standards). The loft is accessible by a beautiful maple rolling ladder that glides with ease.

In the kitchen, there are 24in deep counter-tops, microwave, range/oven with back splash, 9.9cu.ft. refrigerator, stainless steel double deep kitchen sink and plenty of hardwood maple cabinets as well as soft close drawers.

The bathroom comes with privacy pocket doors, large stand up shower, cabinet for your towels, custom maple vanity and medicine cabinet and toilet. The lower bedroom has a sliding privacy door, folding side tables, mini storage loft, and a large bed platform with storage underneath.

If you have any question feel free to call or email us.

Check out our website for more pictures, tour video and information.
Price: $49,999
Listing date: 05/11/2017
Anderson California, United States of America
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Tom Reen

Tom Reen - Brevard, NC, USA
Description: Please visit for many pictures of this beautiful tiny home.

This beautiful, professionally built 12' x 24' tiny house on wheels boasts a modern, open, airy, and spacious floor plan. It features high end finishes & appliances, a modern aesthetic, and abundant natural light. Among it's many attributes is the queen bed that pulls out from underneath the office platform which makes single level tiny living possible.

Below is a materials list. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! The tiny home is currently being stored in Brevard, NC just outside of Asheville. You can tow it yourself, or if you need a great hauling company to tow the tiny house to your location, I am happy to recommend one.

*Trailer: Kaufman – Custom Made Two 8,000lb. Axles, Brakes, Boxed Wheel Wells, 16 ply tires
*Exterior Siding: Natural Cypress – Sealed with Clear Stain
*Interior: Birch Plywood
*Closets/Storage: Closet one office platform and closet two next to bathroom. Add custom shelving/organizers to your preference.
Total In-bench storage-two access points.
Both arm rests provide storage. One opens from the top and the front while the other has a top shelf for storage and a bottom shelf for dog bowls. If you don’t have dogs, simply remove that shelf and slide in a different one.
*Electric: 50amp Panel, an abundance of outlets, HDMI outlets for projector screen
*A/C & Heater Combo: Friedrich – 8,000 BTU 9.6 EER Uni-Fit Room Air Conditioner w/ Heat 115V
*Washer Dryer Combo: L/G – WM3477HW 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo
*Cooktop: Ramblewood – GC2-43P (LPG/Propane Gas) high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop
*Hot Water Heater: Precision Temp – RV-550 Tankless Propane Water Heater
*Refrigerator: Summit – FFBF285SSXIM 27.5″ 14 cu.ft Capacity Frost Free with Ice Maker, Adjustable Glass Shelves, Twin Crispers, Door Storage and Scalloped Wine Rank in Platinum Finish
*Flooring: Bellawood – Maple – Select Grade Engineered Hardwood Floors
*Countertop: Butcher Block – Maple
*Desk/Table: Butcher Block – Maple Custom Made
*Windows/Door: Windsor – White Aluminum Clad
*Bathroom Pocket Door: Cedar
*Roofing: Union Roofing – Standing Seam Metal Advantage-Lok in Galvalume Plus
*Cabinetry: IKEA – Ringhult High Gloss White with Stainless Steel pulls
*Water Saver Sink Foot Pedal (for hands free sink operation): Autotap
*Sinks & Faucets: IKEA
*Shower Base: American Standard
*Composting Toilet: Natures Head with Spider Crank
*Shower Walls:  Swan – Subway Tile Walls
*Shower Head: Delta – Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying® showerhead with H2Okinetic® Technology, Chrome
*Mattress: Tuft & Needle 10” Queen Mattress
*Exterior Lighting (outside door – not pictured)
Modern Forms – Suspense
11” model in brushed aluminum
*Interior Lighting: Barn Light Electric – White 8” Arlington Model (over both sinks)
LED Dimmable Recessed Lighting from lowes (6 total)
*Custom Couch Cushions (one back cushion, one bottom cushion)
Foam Source – Back Cushion is a wedge from 3” at the top to 5” at the bottom so it has comfort angle
Mill Outlet – Bottom Cushion is 6” thick
Fabric – Bella Dura “chive” color pictured
Price: $69,900
Listing date: 05/06/2017

Brevard North Carolina, United States of America
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Ashley Troupin
Ashley Troupin - Eugene, Oregon
Description: tiny house for sale, 2016, 160 sqft, built on a trailer for easy mobility. It has a bathroom including a flushable toilet, and full size shower. The house also has an oven/stove combo, a fridge/freezer, a sink, and a sleeping loft. It's a beautiful little house with a lot of room for potential. Comes mostly furnished.
Price: $20,000
Listing date: 04/30/2017
Eugene Oregon, United States of America
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Brady Townsend
Brady Townsend - Claskanie, OR
Description: This is a classic Portland Transit Bus. The nose has been redone with a 1984 greyhound fiberglass kit. Best deal around for a livable project bus

ENGINE :Cummins 903 VT condition / Great Runner Maintained well. Owned by the city amd has seen only a few hundred miles since it was decommissioned
TRANSMISSION: Allison 3 speed auto. shifts great
NEW TIRES TruckPro 11R 22.5 Hub pilot wheels
Front and Rear air ride suspension

Open Floor plan with original bus style windows .
Bathroom style pop open window in extra walk in closet (unfinished room) with honeycomb style custom tile flooring and medicine cabinet
Back room with bed platform.
Wooden floor (plus extra flooring materials to finish)
Stainless Steel Full size kitchen sink in Good sized Kitchen with tile counter tops.
Wood burning stove in living room / open front room. Entrance coat hanging area to the right of doorway. Ceder ceiling in kitchen and living room.
Bed room and off room walk in closet (extra room) walls sheet rocked and painted. Hall way to back Bed room painted in chalkboard paint! Very cozy and Has lots of character.

Gas Stove: kenmore 4 burner and oven full size converted to propane
Lange wood stove with 2 cooking
Fridge: Norcold N611rt 3way
Generator: Cummins onan Pro 5000E 30 amp 5 kw
Electrical Box: 100amp service commercially installed in conduent
Water Pump: Seaflo 5.5 gpm
Water Heater: Ecotemp propane on demand
Batteries: United Battery Extreme deep cycle power 300 amp hours
Battery Charger: Noco smart charger g7200
300ft of Cat 5 direct burial wire
Wired for Dsl and landline.
Is current titled as a transit bus

I gutted the whole bus last year and started from scratch. It has good insulation. And is warm... for a bus
Price: $6500
Listing date: 04/28/2017
Clatskanie Oregon, United States of America
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Erin Teagle
Erin Teagle - Kennewick, WA
Services offered: I have 25+yrs experience in stucco to roofing framing. I am skilled enough in all trades that I can build a very inexpensive but high quality tiny house. My design is one of a kind and has 100% insulation, fire resistance cause I use no lumber. It also is half the weight of any other tiny home its size. I would love to answer any questions if intrigued.
Listing date: 04/27/2017
Kennewick Washington, United States of America
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Stephanie Barag
Stephanie Barag - North Port, FL
Seeking: a tiny home to rent or buy.
Date needed: spring/summer 2017
North Port Florida, United States of America
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Ameer Flippin
Ameer Flippin - Washington, DC
Services offered: I am searching for a part-time apprenticeship and/or internship (unpaid) helping build Tiny Houses. I will travel for experience. Flexible time.
Listing date: 04/24/2017
Contact: Call me at 202.271.1731 or email
Washington District of Columbia, United States of America
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Sonia Banner
Sonia Banner - NW Denver, CO
Wanted: a cottage
Price: open
Listing date: 04/08/2017
Denver United States of America
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Carrie Courtney
Carrie Courtney - Austin, TX
Wanted: a tiny/small house that has ease of access to sleeping area on main floor. Willing to do cosmetic updates.
Price: I will be paying cash and I would like to stay under 75K.
Listing date: 04/07/2017
Austin Texas, United States of America
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Linda Castillo
Linda Castillo - Austin, TX
Seeking: I'm a 64 yr old Vietnam vet seeking a simple log cabin style with bedroom on first floor. Don't cook often so two burner should do it. I have two cats - a catwalk would be nice.
Date needed: Dec/Jan 2017
Austin Texas, United States of America
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Sarah Arreola
Sarah Arreola - Dallas, TX
Wanted: a tiny house that is simple and under $25,000. I am trying to work and pay off all my student debt and also looking for a spot to park my Tiny Home once I have purchased.
Price: I have $7,000 I can pay up front and can make $400 monthly. If this is not suitable I have great credit and can get a loan.
Listing date:
Dallas Texas, United States of America
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Jo Ann Neal
Jo Ann Neal - Livermore, California
Wanted: 400 square foot tiny house with a downstairs bedroom
Price: tbd
Listing date: 04/04/2017
Livermore California, United States of America
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B&B Micro Manufacturing
B&B Micro Manufacturing - North Adams, Massachusetts
Services offered: RVIA member manufacturers. We build tiny houses, travel trailer RVs, sheds, small structures, mobile malls, etc.
We can build any custom tiny house and ship anywhere in the continental US. Please contact me to bring your tiny house dream to life!
Listing date: 03/30/2017
North Adams Massachusetts, United States of America
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Jenny Johnson
Jenny Johnson - Mount Vernon, Washington
Wanted: One made from recycled/donated materials. Somewhere safe and warm without the worries of my home being taken away. I can't afford a mortgage and apartments are over 800 dollars.
Price: I'm homeless at the moment and I am not able to afford any housing.
Listing date: 03/27/2017
Mount Vernon Washington, United States of America
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