Shareable Presentation: Tiny homes on wheels as accessory dwelling units

Here is a PowerPoint presentation created by Dan Fitzpatrick, our California State Chapter Leader. It’s similar to the one he used for his presentation to the Ojai zoning board and can be modified to suit your local community. If you have any questions regarding its use or modification, please can contact Dan at

04/20 Letter: City should grandfather in tiny house, allow veteran and family to stay

(Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the Philomath City Council and also submitted to the Philomath Express as a letter to the editor). I am writing to urge you to grandfather in the tiny house on 17th Street and allow the young veteran and his family to remain in their home. To do… Read more »

04/20 The Netherlands to experiment with tiny houses

Almere [the Netherlands] wants to experiment with Tiny Houses – an American money saving trend of teeny tiny, sometimes completely self-sufficient and sustainable houses, alderman Tjeerd Herrema said to BNR. Much will have to change before Tiny Houses can become a reality in the country, as housing and construction in the Netherlands are subject to… Read more »