12/18 Beech Mountain, NC town planner proposes outlawing tiny houses

Town Planner James Scott made three presentations to the council in which he asked for future public hearings on three items. The first request was for the town to amend its regulations regarding fire extinguishers to align with the state’s ordinances. The motion was approved. The second was to explore a proposed ordinance regarding the… Read more »

12/19 Boston couple brings the tiny house movement to New Zealand with self built off-grid home

It’s 14 square metres and weighs a mere 3.6 tonne. Welcome to this tiny Waimate home. Corianne Holmes and her partner Patrick Brunelle spent $15,000 building their dinky house in Rolleston before moving it to Waimate on Sunday. Now, they want to spread the word on how a tiny house can make the biggest problems… Read more »

12/17 Ma Casita seeks to provide tiny houses as affordable housing in Lawrence, MA

In a city where a big chunk of the population, half, spends a big chunk of its income, half, on housing, the chance to own a tiny house with a tiny mortgage generates big interest. It excites Franallen Acosta, 23, a 6-foot 6-inch Lawrence man who ducks when entering many homes but is keen to… Read more »

12/16 “We had acquired so much stuff over the years, we both started to feel the weight and burden of it.”

Today we have a very special home feature for you! Kelly Christine Sutton is a super talented lifestyle photographer and film maker who happens to live in an American Tiny House. Obsessed!!! We were beyond thrilled when she agreed to share her tiny space with us. “Our Golden tiny house is currently located in my… Read more »