Tiny House Dwellers

This map shows people who currently live in a tiny house living_in , rent out a tiny house renting , are in the process of building or buying a tiny house building or are planning or dreaming about a tiny house planning .

To be included on the map, please complete and send the form below. You can include personal information and a photo of your house, if you like.

If the map is blank (no icons) please give it a couple of minutes to load. Sometimes it’s slow.

If the map points initially display too large to read, then try clicking on a cluster to zoom in, then click on the minus sign (on the left side) a couple of times, then click on a map point, and you should get a scroll bar within the listing that will enable you to see the entire text and photo for a map point.

Note: This is a map to show where tiny house people currently dwell or plan to dwell. If you’re seeking a place to park your tiny house, please click here.
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Tiny House Dwellers (present & future)

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