Tiny House Products

As a tiny house enthusiast, you most likely will want to minimize your purchase of new things, following the guidance of reduce, reuse & recycle. I don’t want to encourage you to buy stuff you don’t need, but I do want to help you find the things you do need for your tiny house. Below are some handy links for tiny house shopping.

Tiny House Products

  • Shop Tiny Houses
  • Tiny Houses Inside – a tiny house store created by and for tiny house dwellers
  • Tiny Life Supply – appliances and gear for building an off grid tiny house

Salvage & Used Materials

Shop carefully. Sometimes salvage isn’t in usable condition and other times it’s unreasonably priced. Be prepared to spend some time hunting for the right things.

Stoves & Heaters

Boat and RV Appliances & Fixtures

Specialty Toilets

For a comparison of the toilets, please see “Best Tiny House Composting Toilet”.


Security Products

Appliances for Small Apartments

As niche products, appliances for small apartments tend to be as expensive or more than their larger counterparts.

Other Recommendations